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new grad. started working about 8 months ago. slowly getting to know doctors. two times ive had to contact a doctor. i work night shift. both times i called and it wasnt past 10 pm. first time,... Read More

  1. by   Buyer beware
    Quote from TheCommuter
    When dealing with rude doctors via telephone, I would present a quick snapshot of the patient's clinical situation. Then I would say, "The ball is now in your court. How would you like to proceed?"

    It worked like a charm...
    I tried this very technique once and guess what? The dude hangs up on me!
    One of the problems is that when you're young, inexperienced and well bred your default impression of doctors is that they are not alcoholics, drug addicts and boarderline personalities when many are exactly that.
    But like the box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get, Dr.Jekyl or Mr. Hyde.
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  2. by   3ringnursing
    OP, this really is an age old problem. I'll wager even Florence Nightingale herself had to deal with her fair share of egotistical, condescending MD's in her time. I'm so sorry this MD never learned proper manners.

    Have you ever heard the term: "Throwing pearls before swine"? It's a Southern term meaning trying to explain manners or etiquette, and simple basic pleasantness to a person who lacks all mentioned. Just because someone is highly educated doesn't mean they are courteous or able to interact well with others.

    Just like all professions, MD's are people first. And just like some people, some MD's are ill-mannered and rude.
  3. by   whisperingsage
    Look up a book called Too Nice For Your Own Good, it's on communication, others are The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense, and When I say No I Feel Guilty. There was a time when nurses had to stand when a doctor entered the room. Those days are gone. We aren't slaves. And we have to ask for respect. Some doctors are definitely pills, I've seen them make nurses cry. These books would help with bully nurses too. It's about being clear and respectful.
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    Working NOC's it's a challenge getting the NP to answer the phone or call back. (A woman.Sadly).