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After a couple of months of volunteer time in the ER, I declined a near 6-figure promotion (another field) to reenter the classroom. I spent my weekends there instead of getting plastered at bars or... Read More

  1. by   jadelpn
    Quote from startingovragain
    we "practiced" right before the presentation. yeah, hard to swallow right? i **** you not. nobody had to change anything, except me. then they added another random slide that was not even required. now i understand why these people got all the goals and outcomes incorrect on tests. they are patient-centered... folks.

    from a politician's standpoint... yes, group work emphasizes team environment, collaboration, etc... all that bull.

    when **** hits the fan, and YOUR rear is on the line... it is C.Y.A., not my responsibility/job description, you never emailed me (but i told you in person), i am tossing you under that bus ...
    You continue to be passive agressive in this situation. While "practicing" I would state, NO, we will NOT cut my presentation short, we all get equal time, get rid of the slide that is not required, so we have 10 minutes to cut out 3 sentences each. And go......

    When the **** hits the fan everyone has to work together, as a team. It is cover the PATIENT'S A**.

    I follow you to a point, but unclear why you didn't/can't use your voice, and further, why it is that you continue to make statements such as "these people got all the goals and outcomes incorrect on tests"
    The only tests that I would think you need to concern yourself with is your own.

    When you are truly in a positon when the **** hits the fan, it matters not what your grade in nursing school was or what your presentation entailed--it is a collaborative effort to save someone's life. If you are concerning yourself now with how others can't play by your standards, then you do need to figure it out--right or wrong, you may find yourself in the middle of a code with any of them some day.
  2. by   PalmHarborMom
    I am currently a student in the BSN program at USF and have seen the type of students that you are referring to. Don't sweat it! I have had other students assume because I am older (41) and ask questions that I'm not very smart. In truth, I have a 3.9 GPA so I'm no dummy. It normally doesn't take long for them to figure out that I am just not afraid of looking stupid in class by asking questions and do well on exams. It is my experience that students that have a superior attitude will have their bubble busted in nursing school. Nursing school is difficult by anyone's standards.

    Here is my philosophy when it comes to school. Be realistic with yourself and get help when needed. Surround yourself with supportive people. And here is the best part, Strive for perfection with the knowledge that you will never attain it, for those who think they have.... are the real dummies!

    Don't let them bother you! Just be the best student that you can!
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    Get used to it. Most nurses are like this. This is preparing you for the real world of nursing. Become more assertive. Welcome...
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    Quote from HM-8404
    Nope. You just need to be smart enough to know what to do and how to do it. Do you think a mechanic needs to love cars to get one running again? "Quality" care is competent care, not angelic care.

    I understand where you are coming from, but I think it is erroneous and problematic. People do need to care or they need to be working on cars or buses or whatever widget you'd like. There is a distinction, and as I always say, if you care, you'll make it your business to know--i. e., be better than competent.
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    Quote from RNgrrl09
    Get used to it. Most nurses are like this. This is preparing you for the real world of nursing. Become more assertive. Welcome...

    I don't know if it is most; but sure seems like an awful lot in my experience. Sad.
  6. by   Lovewhatidointx
    Sorry you experienced this in your first semester of nursing school but nurses are people just like everyone else. Most of us had a preconceived idea of what nursing should be when we started. Many of us had other careers before becoming a nurse. Some have never been anything other than a nurse. Some have been married, some divorced, some have children, some don't. Some work in addition to nursing school some don't. My point is you have entered a career field with many diversities. As mentioned earlier, nursing school has its cliques just like the workplace has its cliques. Either find yours & partner with them for future projects or go solo. You have only began to experience how nasty some people can be. Wait until you start clinicals & meet the nurses on the floor. Most of them hate nursing students for a multitude of reasons but mostly because we have a ton of things to do & a student slows us down. (Just to clarify, I don't hate nursing students). Then, you will become a new nurse & it starts all over. The good news is that by the time you're flying solo, your skin should be thick enough that you won't even care about what the other nurses do as long as they stay out of your way & leave you alone so you can get your work done. Save your cheerful disposition for your patients. They're the reason we have jobs. Good luck to you! I'm sure you will make a great nurse!
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    LoL... this thread~! apparently, we have to do 1 of these projects every semester. looks like i may be reviving this a couple more times.

    1 person was kicked out of his group... because they didn't like him... (not sociable enough)

    1 other had the ball dropped on him and didn't even get to speak because his other group member used up all the time and cut him off. he didn't know and they didn't practice before hand. he emailed the instructor.

    1 female says "i don't care about YOUR PART, it does not effect my grade." not in my group...

    2 members in my group are under the impression "the more i speak, the better my grade will be." even if 1 is reading the nursing implications for 100 meds. for a disease off a book. the other is borderline passing... and has enough information to complete the presentation herself. 15 slides in 3 minutes? this is supposed to be from HIGH LEVEL... not too specific. my other group member agrees with me. she said she is screwed because she is speaking last. and is going to tell the professor. HAHAHA~!
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    OP, nursing school bears very little resemblance to the real nursing world. As for caring nurses, it's just like every other profession. You will find those that do it for the love of patients, those who do it as a calling, and those that are really just there for the money. Not that there's a lot of money, but there's enough that this motivates some. I'm not nearly as naive and optimistic as I was in nursing school, but I still do love and care for my patients. But the money is nice, too! In nursing school, it is a lot about looking out for number one, because it is competitive. Once you're on a unit, hopefully you will find an atmosphere of team work and caring. Can't promise it, but it does exist some places.
  9. by   CaitlynRNBSN
    I care about SOME of my patients. (lets be honest here...)
    One patient in particular, i got so incredibly close with him and his family and he was having major major surgery. Was given a 1/4 chance of survival. I had him the day before surgery and his outlook on his was unbelievable. Such an inspirational man. The day of his surgery i couldn't stop thinking about how he was doing. I was going to be back on Monday. and on sunday night i called work and i was like "is_______ on our floor yet.? if so can i request having him as a patient?" the charge nurse was like "You know that means you will be split down both halls right?" i was like "Thats fine." nobody ever wants to be split down both halls.
    he was so happy to see me monday. i didn't tell him i requested to have him back...but i did tell him and his family i thought about him lots and kept him in my prayers all weekend. I even picked up the next day just so i could see him, and be the one to send him home.

    So..yes, there are patients that i do care about. htere are some where im like "If i get assigned with this patient ever agan, im quiting nursing"..true story.
    We all know the types we are talking about here. And no...i really don't care. Other patients i care for?? i'll go out of my way for you!!
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    I think you said it in your own post -
    but people never (hardly) change. I have dealt with this state of mind before; in and out of the hospital.
    You'll likely run into the same types you have in the corporate world - bullies and a-holes in this profession too!
    It sounds like you had an image of nurses that needs to be adjusted. You will continue to change your images of nursing throughout school and your profession. Better sooner than later.
    You won't escape the corporate world much by going into nursing. It's all about the money and there's a lot less of it going around in the health care industry.