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I was taking care of a patient today who told me... "your job is to make me happy". I was taken aback, but responded "my job is to make you healthy... healthy and happy, but healthy first" I feel a... Read More

  1. by   marypo
    This reminds me of a pt yesterday who told me I "got her order wrong" when I brought her the wrong cookies after her her pain mgmt injection. I replied "I guess I make a better nurse than waitress!!" OMG, really lady? Go to the diner if you want accurate food service!
  2. by   MusicGuy
    Making them happy is doing them a disservice, and I would explain it that way. A jester can make them happy, but what our patients deserve is to be happy AFTER they leave us!
  3. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    Yes, I think 99% of us know this. It still doesn't mean I'm going to come running with a pb&j sandwich with the crusts cut off at the drop of a hat just to make someone "happy"

    Quote from Slhengy
    I hope you guys all know that the patient satisfaction surveys and Core Measures are not only tied to public reporting through Hospital Compare but also a quite a bit of money from the Federal Government. Like MILLIONS if you are a big company like HCA.
  4. by   Tomascz
    "My job is to keep you alive til shift change; then I'm going home. How's your pain?"
  5. by   GaleSRN
    The entitled pt who probably wasn't extremely ill. My response would have been something to the effect of "That is your girlfriend or wife's job. My job is to use my College Educated knowledge and skills to get you healthy and back on the road to recovery"
  6. by   Medic2BSN13
    My response...

    "I'm sorry, but this is an emergency department. If you want my attention then you must be bleeding."
  7. by   rachel100639
    Well, the majority of the public do believe that nurses are concierges, babysitters, nanny's, house cleaners, etc. And unfortunately, many times they do agree to take on these roles.
  8. by   MaxAttack
    "Patients can be very satisfied and be dead an hour later."
    The Problem With Satisfied Patients - The Atlantic

    Great article on HCAHPS. This is unfortunately the attitude that the government is fostering until they wise up and change reimbursements to reflect what the actual purpose of a hospital is.
  9. by   PsychNurse82
    I was told by a pt last night that my job is to cater to him. Um, no, dude. My job is to keep you safe and facilitate your recovery. I work in a mental health facility, not a spa.
  10. by   djh123
    Good Gawd - thanks for the link (I love the Atlantic), but I couldn't keep reading the article ... just skimming the first 1/4th or so made me sick. Sometimes I think the whole world is going utterly mad.
  11. by   gann, MSN/ANP-BC
    after 26 years of nursing I do NOT allow patients/families to talk to me disrespectful. at all. first they get a warning, if it continues, I will discharge them and they can find another provider to abuse. if I was still staff nursing, I would simply tell them "your rudeness will not be tolerated".
  12. by   AnonBoston
    "Professional patient" here, sigh... and I totally support you nurses on this one. That sounds like a pretty entitled jerk. If I were a nurse, I'd have asked them if I was supposed to perform showtunes after the delivery of pain meds. Sheesh.
  13. by   eCCU
    Here is my therapeutic touch
    " oh sure no worries I will be more than happy to request psychiatry and chaplain consult services, am sure they will be able to guide us on any psychological treatments needed"

    ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ nobody bugs me after that!