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Recently my husband's grandmother was a patient in the ICU. I am frequently used as the medical translator in the family, this time wasn't any different. I had the opportunity to make a couple of... Read More

  1. by   BostonFNP
    Great post, thank you.
  2. by   registered.nobody
    One of my first realizations when I was a brand new nursing student was how much responsibility nurses have. This profession has transformed since the days when nurses wore dresses and were subservients and anyone who does not own up to that responsibility is putting their license and patients' lives in danger. Every day at work I have to utilize critical thinking, solve pharmacological problems, and decide what the patient needs before I ask the doctor for an order. I am a nurse instead of a doctor not because I don't like studying or am not smart enough, but because of the difference in the philosophies of each profession. It was a choice and I will not apologize for it.