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Nurse associate


What would you say to having nurse associates in long term care.  We seem to have many lnas who want to be nurses, some already in school.  They could do minor wound care apply creams and power.  With Covid 19 on the rise, I think we may have to find different ways to staff facilities. 


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Tina - I recognize your intentions are well-meaning, but be careful that you're not stepping over the line on your State's BON Scope of Practice.

Treatment times are an opportunity time for the licensed nurse to check out a wound, rash, discoloration, etc and to determine if tx is approp. That's NOT CNA level of expertise.

But to be honest, BTDT. It does happen regardless of C19 or not. Not saying it's correct to do so.

What is a nurse associate exactly?  It sounds like you are trying to give a nurse title to those that are not licensed.  Putting creams and powders are usually strictly a licensed nurse duty as those are prescribed medications.  You should not be having CNAs assessing and treating wounds.  That’s scary.