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What exactly does a nurse advisor do?

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The only thing I can think of in the UK is a nurse advisor for NHS direct which is a telephone helpline run by nurses for the NHS

They take calls from the general public and provide advice via the phone


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I think Nurse advisors are also used in companies that are trying to sell their products to NHS and private hospitals as well Such as wound care products.Incontinence products. Things like that..

Least i think i've seen adverts for them . I've been looking at a change from ward nursing and remember seeing them occasionally on job sites.


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yep, drug companies use nurses a lot; usually you have to be experianced in a field such as asthma. nurse advisors are employed to give advice on managing conditions etc. they are also employed by charities such as the british heart foundation to man help lines.

I think there are lots of areas where nurse advisors work- just look in the nursing times for ads!


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The role of the Nurse Advisor is very different in a commercial company. The nurse advisor goes into practices, carries out patient reviews and manages clinics for patients in certain therapy areas. Their aim is to ensure that the patient is getting the best treatment in their therapy area, and often they are able to provide a treatment review that the patient isn't aware they could benefit from as drugs and treatment advance. Its a really proactive way of ensuring patients are getting the information they need and not waiting until their treatment fails to call the doctor.

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