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Well, there it was in the Az Republic, an area nurse physically attacked while working in the ER.

Apparently, according to the paper, the patient was a little drunk pulled out his IV and wanted to leave. On the way out he shoved and then took a punch at his male nurse. He missed with the punch, instead putting the nurse in a bear hug.

Well, the good part is he missed with the punch...the bad is the guy bled all over him.

The report went on to say that this was the 24th assault in this facility.

So we will see what happens with this.

It is sad to think that some folks are leaving the profession due to things like this. It is definately time to band together to stop the madness, before no nurses are left at the bedside.


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:( I certainly hope the nurse files criminal charges. And, unless the patient is judgement proof, sue his stupid a$$.


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The nurse and the hospital are pressuring the County Attorneys office to file charges on the guy. They refused to do so once already, but the nurse and hosptital are now trying again.


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:( Is it not a Federal Offense to assault any healthcare worker?


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Originally posted by outbackannie

:( Is it not a Federal Offense to assault any healthcare worker?

While some states have statutes specifically prohibiting the assault of some healthcare workers, it is not a federal offense. But, as a general principle, it is a crime in all states to assault ANYONE. The trick, of course, is getting the police and the prosecutor to pursue the matter. Due to budget constraints, political considerations, or having more high profile cases to deal with, they might not think the simple assault of a nurse is worth their time. :(

I live in Northwest Phoenix, we have had some close calls in our hospital. I do hope that the nurse that was assulted filed a police report, and pressed charges, as a privet citizen not the hospital worker. The hospital security will not do anything from my experience.

My co-workers and I talked about this several times.

I think any health care worker that gets hit or assulted should file a ploce report and press charges. Then its in the hands of the police and not the place of work.

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A patient had had enough in the ER and knocked me out cold.

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