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NURS 1100 & 1101


Can anyone tell me the basics of what you learn in Nursing 1100 and 1101?

Thanks! :)

Can anyone tell me the basics of what you learn in Nursing 1100 and 1101?

Thanks! :)

You do realize that colleges can assign whatever they want as a course number... Tell us the name of the course, and we can probably help better, mam.

Yeah I know... I was assuming most 1100 and 1101 classes were all mostly the same though. Sorry.

I think its literally "introduction to nursing" and "fundamentals"

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Well gosh, fundamentals was a long time ago. We learned the basics.

vital signs - performing and assessing

caring for Foleys, inserting them, taking them out

wet to dry dressing and wound assessment

head to toe assessment and some abnormal findings

caring for IV's

introduction to medication administration

taking a history

cranial nerve assessment


Man, so much stuff. I don't remember it all.

Oh foundations. Hmmm most boring class ever after grad school's nursing theory. Documentation, communication, legal, ethics, nursing process, cultural sensitivity, peeing, pooping (nursing is big on pooping consistently), sleeping, minimal wound stuff, mobility, cleaning patients up, making beds, vital signs... That was a six hour class I think, and I had pharmacology, health assessment, and geriatrics that semester too which I think were three hours a piece. In other programs I'd suspect foundations has some assessment and med stuff in it too.


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The history of nursing, the nursing process, critical thinking, psychosocial, nutrition and elimination, vitals, foley caths, NG tubes, nursing health assessment, to include head to toe. Ummmm, wound care, enema's, bed baths, AM care, medication administration, IM injections, sub q, transdermal. There is a lot. More than I can list right now.

Skips, MSN, RN

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Yeah, whatever everybody else said, too. 'cause I forgot a lot of what we covered. It was a ton of stuff!