Last year I was enrolled in an LPN program. It started in Aug and I made it until March. I had to drop out due to some health problems-Diabetes type 2 and Hormone Imbalance.

Since then I have gotten medical help and have both things under control. I would like to go back and finish my class.

Question: Has anyone out there returned to class after having dropped. If so, did you have to take the whole class over or what.

Also, I am overweight-195- and am 51 1/2 yrs old. Would like some input on what others think of a woman my age and size trying to return to class.

Lula Scott


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I know many people that have gone back to college as such a late age and they have done great. As far as weight goes, there are a lot of people in the business like that. I think what matters most is your determination to succeed. I wish you the best of luck in all you do.


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GO FOR IT!!! If this is something you really want to do, then do it. When I was an undergrad nursing student, I had one woman in my class who was in her 50s and another who was 60 or 63. As for your weight, just take a look around at other nurses in hospitals and nursing homes. You are not the only one. Good luck, I wish you well.


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I had to do the same thing, but for different reasons...

I started the LPN class, which included a seperate drug calc. course, and this is a prerequisite for going on to the 2nd semester .

In the school I am enrolled at you must have a 79.5% or above on EVERYTHING. So, I blew the medmath course.

Anyways, I retook the medmath course, and returned to 2nd semester with a new class a year later. I decided to take my EMT and some 'puter courses, as not to put it all by the wayside.

I did not have to do the whole year over, as I got a 96% in nursing in that 1st semester (78% in medmath 1st time, retook medmath 99.8%) but this is up to how your particular school handles transistion/challenges.

Two things...

1....realize now how you may feel when you see the class you WOULD have been in graduate. I know it hurt a little to me. Even though that class made me their "class mascot", I still felt 'left behind'.

2...DON'T give up! Those things which seem impossible are usually accomplished by those who REFUSE to quit.

All the best to ya.....



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Go for it you can do it!!!!



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Lady: I didn't drop out but got bumped out of clinicals, thus delaying my graduation by a semester. Listen, I am 45 years old, and if you are 50, who gives a rat's! Good luck and don't give up. ;)


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Hi Lula,

Your goals and dreams are all that matter. You were in the program and had a health set back, got better, and your heart is telling you to finish! Follow your dreams and don't worry so much about appearance, age, etc. It's the stuff inside that counts. Best of luck!!:nurse:

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