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Number 1 in the queue! Gah!


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I never used to be a Taskstream stalker. Until they changed it and now they tell you where your paper is in the queue. Now I'm obsessed. When I submitted it on Saturday, I was #164, and I've watched it slowly getting closer. It's now been 3 days, and I've been #1 in the queue since late last night. I keep going back in every 5 minutes to see if it's been picked up yet.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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LOL. Now that TaskStream has added the new queue feature to let students know their position in line, I find myself logging into the site now more than ever.

And you know what? There really is no reason to log on to check to see if my assignment is graded because my phone alerts me with an automatic email whenever something's graded (or sent back).


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yes, thanks to the queue thing now, I too have become a taskstream stalker. It wasn't so bad when I still had additional classes or tasks to continue on with, as that would draw my attention away from just refreshing taskstream over and over. HOWEVER, I submitted my FINAL task to finish my BSN on 10/20/14 at 1:41 a.m. and I started at number 84. I have been refreshing task stream over and over for the last 48 hours now. And, I thought they would have it done tonight, as they got me down to number 4, and then the grading just stopped for the day apparently. I guess I will have to wait til tomorrow to see if I graduate. its almost compulsive thing now.

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Oh, no! That is WAY worse than my situation. My task has no significance, other than my OCDness won't let me start on the next task until the previous task is put to bed. I think I would need to be heavily sedated in your situation! Good luck and let us know!


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The taskstream gods smiled upon me. passed! done!! graduation application submitted!!!

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I think there's something that slows it down to a crawl when you get down below 10. Yesterday, I went from 50 to 10 within about an hour, and then it took another several hours to get to 1, and then I think I spent an hour at 1. This happened to me with another task, too.

It actually said that they were grading papers submitted after mine when mine was still in the queue (I submitted 10/25, and they were grading 10/26 when I was at 4 in the queue).

I passed though, which is good, since it was the end of the semester and I really didn't want to have to choose between doing revisions and trick-or-treat with the kids.