NTI - Enteral Feeding Connector - No More Mess!

The Dale ACE Connector greatly minimizes splash and spillage when accessing feeding tubes. This can be a great improvement for staff that care for patients with feeding tubes. Nurses General Nursing Event Video


NTI - Enteral Feeding Connector - No More Mess!

How many times have you gone into a patient's room to give G-tube or OG meds or feedings and....splat, the feeding, meds and who knows what else gets splashed on you? Or you go into your patient's room and find them swimming in their tube feeding? Another total yuck!

Well, Dale has developed the ACE Connector (Access Controller for Enteral) that is fairly universal, connecting to the most commonly used feeding tubes and other enteral tubes. Secondly, it has a twist-on access point providing a closed system thus reducing the chance of getting splashed or finding the patient lying in tube feeding.

The ACE Connector features

  • In-line feeding, suctioning, irrigation, gastric residuals and medication delivery without the need to disconnect
  • A built in needleless syringe port seal that accepts most catheter tip 60cc syringes
  • A simple ON/OFF handle
  • A long lasting silicone adapter, preassembled in the package
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I really like these; very nurse friendly. Small improvements but they actually make a difference & I make a lot less mess using these.