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NTI 2019 - "Education, Excellence and Inspiration"

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AACN's National Teaching Institute (NTI) is the premier critical care conference. They have sessions for the new grad who just landed a job in the ICU, to the experienced nurse and also for advanced practice nurses.

NTI 2019 - "Education, Excellence and Inspiration"

Come and join your fellow critical care nurses at NTI 2019 in Orlando, Florida from May 20-23rd. With more than 37.5 hours of CEUs offered, this conference is sure to teach, inspire and impress all high acuity and ICU nurses. 

Why attend NTI?

It would be easy for us to tell you the reasons. However, here are a few of the of the comments from recent attendees:

"It pumps me up." 

"Chance of a lifetime."

"Makes me motivated to be a better nurse."

"Gave me back my enthusiasm to be a bedside nurse."

There are many reasons to attend and some of the past attendees have stated some of these reasons. The sessions are also a solid reason to attend NTI. They are divided into pre-conference offerings that include Chapter Leadership for those nurses who want to advance to an AACN leadership role. The pre-conference sessions also cover other topics such as a cadaver lab for APRNs, advanced 12-lead EKG interpretation, certification prep courses, in addition to other critical care exploration options. The pre-conference topics are offered on Sunday and run most of the day so that you have the ability to more fully explore the topic.

Concurrent sessions are usually 60-75 minutes in length and cover such topics as: 12-lead EKG Interpretation, Candida: The Fungus Among Us and From the Playground to the Nurses Station: Understanding and Eliminating Workplace Bullying.

NTI 101

One of the most interesting topics is NTI 101. This is an introduction to the conference, how to navigate it, how to get the most out of the experience. Here's what AACN says about NTI 101:

"Perhaps it’s your first time or you need a refresher; attending the National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition (NTI) can be an adventurous and sometimes, an overwhelming experience. The Program Planning Committee Chairs offer strategies to help you navigate your way through NTI. Please be sure to bring your mobile devices so you can participate fully in this dynamic session. Learn how to plot your educational journey through hands-on use of the NTI Program Guide, Program Schedule, Learning Action Journal and ExpoEd Guide which can be found in your NTI bag. Join the API or NTI Chair in this interactive and engaging session to explore how to develop a personalized education schedule, identify available resources and use My NTI. This session is designed to answer questions about the multitude of diverse opportunities available to every attendee and to help make your NTI an enjoyable and rewarding professional experience."

This session will lead you on your way to a satisfying and enjoyable NTI 2019 and its offered several days and times so fitting it in shouldn't be difficult. 

The Advanced Practice Institute (API) offers some great options for the APRNs; whether you are just beginning your APRN journey or have been around the block several times. The ECMO session is always a highlight, as is the cadaver lab. Some other topics include: Vasoactive Pharmacology for Pediatric Shock, Neuromuscular Blockade in the ICU: A Review of Practice, Top Sepsis Studies 2018-2019 and Acute Decompensated Heart Failure, Management and Prevention of Recurrence. And these are only a few of the selections. 

The Exposition Hall

This is where you learn, see, and experience all the new technology that is currently available or soon to be available for your critical care units. Its also where you can learn about educational opportunities to advance your career and also where the jobs are found. There are over 300,000 square feet of experience and you can truly spend the entire day here and not see everything. The opportunities are endless - pick up a brochure about a new piece of equipment, listen to a seminar about a new process to make patient care more efficient, network with other critical care nurses about the challenges and rewards. 


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Where to Stay

AACN has a very comprehensive list of available hotels with pricing included here. There are a wide variety of options with many hotels located near the convention center. There is also a shuttle that runs between many of the hotels and NTI. 

We have just briefly touched on what NTI 2019 offers you. AACN has a very comprehensive site with all the details. 

Several allnurses.com staffers will at NTI 2019. We love to meet our members. Please let us know if you are attending. Also, we do have the opportunity to interview some of the speakers - who would YOU like us to interview? Tell us!




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40 minutes ago, not.done.yet said:

I am going and am super excited!

Great!!!!! It is so awesome.....

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I will be there and would love to meet up with all who are going. 

For those of you who are first-time attendees, you will LOVE it.   

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