NTI - Clean Up Time!

Reducing infection risk for our patients is a universal concern. However, we are all very busy and giving a bed bath isn't usually a priority for our patients, until... Nurses General Nursing Event Video


NTI - Clean Up Time!

Hibiclens has been around for 30+ years. Many of us remember the Hibiclens teal-colored bottle that we had our patients wash with preoperatively. Hibiclens is a chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) solution that reduces infection risk even after use. Reducing cross-contamination is also a concern - we all know we have more than one patient to care for in a shift.

Convenience is the key to the HIBI Universal Bathing System. The HIBI Bathing Cloths are dry and untreated because it is firmly believed that soap should be washed and rinsed. The packaging of the cloths becomes a portable wash basin that contains dry cloths that you add warm water to and then bathe your patient using the Hibiclens foam product. This results in a bacteriocidal effect for 24 hours. The warmth of the cloth is comforting for your patient and the ease of the task is comforting for the nurse.

Allnurses recently attended NTI 2017 in Houston and talked with a representative from Molnlycke Health - the company that produces Hibiclens.

Have you used this product? What do you think?

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CHG resistance is a thing now. We are actually becoming selective with the patients we ask to bathe with it before surgery.

Hi dirtyhippiegirl! I am very interested in this as I am working towards house-wide bathing in my facility. Do you have any references to studies or cases of CHG resistance that I could look at? Thanks!