NSU EntryLevel Fall 2011

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Hello all nova hopefuls fall 2011,

I submitted my application a few minutes ago. I guess now the wait game begin. Currently, I have a 3.60. I am still enrolled in micro lecture and anatomy lab 2. Lets encourage each other through this long process. I will keep all of you updated on new information; however, you should check out the previous threads about NSU. They are really helpfull. Good luck to everyone.

I spoke to NSU and they want my highschool transcript since I do not yet have an A.A. Is that true?

I guess that i'm the only one applying for the fall 2011 so far. Anyway, today I logged in my VIP page and it sated that my application was being reviewed. Does anyone have any idea of when I will hear something.

Hey, kristou about the Hs transcript you do not need it if you have more than 12 credit hours in college. Call Ashley@ so she can waive that requirement. As far as hearing anything, I think you have a long wait because they are still processing the winter applications. Send in an updated transcript AS SOON AS you completed the current classes because that can delay your decision since micro is a required pre requisite. Check your VIP page, email, and phone messages regurally.All you can do now is wait. One more thing, don't blow off your classed now. Try to understand the material now because it will come in handy later. Trusts me. Good luck, hopefully I will see you on campus soon.

Thank you nurse Kitty,

I applied early so that I can get a descision early. They have all of my paperwork so all I can do now is wait. But i'll be patient.

Good luck

Does anyone know if they started looking at applications for fall 2011 yet?

New Prereqs required for the fall of 2011



hello everyone I reapply for fall 2011 since i received an email deferring my application for fall 2011 term which I did. I'm very dissapointed beacuse i have 3.70 overall gpa and 3.89 science gpa with an A.A in prenursing. so I hope to get accepted this time. I am very happy to join this thread and I'm hope to see all of you in fall 2011.

Hi Everyone,

I have a 3.48 GPA and also got deffered for winter because I had not completed my pre-reqs because I was taking microbiology and microbiology lab. I am very anxious about hearing from them soon. I have spoken to Ashley and she told me they accept students that have completed everything first..but things might be different for the fall ;). I submitted my final transcripts the second week of Jan. Let me know if anyone gets an acceptance letter..Ashley said students that got deffered would definately be told first if they get accepted or not :)

im hoping to apply for fall 2011 but i need to take micro and statistics for the summer so i might have to wait for the next term . super nervous either way. what are the GPAS looking like now?

anyone ?? :lol2:

well I am still waiting and I graduated from MDC with a 3.48..things might be different for you since you finish in the summer..maybe there is a possibility of getting in..eitheir way I congratulate you for your current GPA. Keep it up Nicole ;) Has anyone else heard anything? On my account it does not say currently being reviewed anymore, it says all documents submitted. does anyone elses say something different?

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