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Well, it's almost over! I graduate in four weeks and I'm looking at job listings every single day . I'm very interested in both NICU and newborn nursery (imagine that :) ) I've noticed that in most of the job listings and descriptions it says NRP certification preferred. With the small amount of research I have done on the subject, it looks as if it should be mandantory! Anyway, I was wondering if this certification is something I can do before I graduate, or do I need to have my license or any other credentials first? Is this usually offered through the hospital or do I need to be looking at some other outside facility? How were you certified?

I don't know of anyplace that does NRP certs outside of a hospital. I think a traveler was here last month looking for the same thing. Sorry!


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I took NRP as a nursing student several years ago. Whether or not you can take it as a student, I think is up to the instructor, similar to ACLS. I know some instructors will allow students to take ACLS but others will not. If you do take it, read the material ahead of time and watch the CD (comes w/ the book) thouroughly. It's an excellent course.



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Getting NRP certification was part of my orientation when I started in the NICU.

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I don't know of anywhere that offers it outside of a hospital either. You could interview and ask if this could be part of your orientation. Our girls have to pass it to work in the unit without a preceptor.

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New staff on our Maternal/Child Health unit, which includes L&D, PP, and Level II Nsy, have 6 months to take NALS. They have to attend several deliveries, too, so they will get used to handling newborns. I can't imagine taking the class without doing any hands-on.


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descriptions it says NRP certification preferred.

NRP is done during orientation (if you do not have it). Your answer is in your own original post. If it says NRP cert. preferred than it is not necessary to have it to be hired. But obviously it is a cert. you will need for the job so, they will get you in a class.

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