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Are FNPs (DNP or Masters) allowed to own and operate private family practices in Canada? I'm fairly sure Ontario allows it, but I can't find any information on whether or not British Columbia does.

Any resources or answers are appreciated!

Better question would be does BC Medical issue NPs with billing numbers?

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Thanks for the suggestion. I looked at MSP - Information for Nurse Practitioners

and found this in Section 2:

"MSP and Nurse Practitioners

Unlike physicians, nurse practitioners are not paid directly by MSP for services

provided to BC residents. However, nurse practitioners will be providing

treatment to eligible MSP beneficiaries and submitting a record of these services

to MSP with information similar to that submitted with claims billings by medical

practitioners. For this reason, nurse practitioners are responsible for familiarizing

themselves with MSP policies and procedures relevant to claims submission and

beneficiary services and benefits."

So I would assume it functions as it does in a number of states here; a physician owns a small portion (1%) of the practice for the sake of liability, while the NP or PA (Physician Assistant) owns the majority of the practice or that NPs are directly working under MDs/DOs and payment is distributed to them via the doc.

I currently live in Washington where NPs are allowed to own and operate their own clinics with the same autonomy as a physician (in family practice settings).

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They cannot operate independently in Ontario, they have to work under the supervision of a doctor.

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Thanks Lori. Anyone know about BC?

Specializes in Psychiatry, corrections, long-term care..

I've got an e-mail back from a faculty NP at UBC who says:

"RNs and NPs licensed in BC have always had the authority to open their own private practice however the patient would need to pay out of pocket for your service. Most people in BC are covered by MSP( the provincial medical services plan) so few people would pay privately. The MSP plan is the only insurance plan in BC and NP's at this point cannot bill MSP unlike Washington state where NP's can sign on with most of the insurance companies. Presently health authorities are creating a few jobs for NP's and paying salaries similar to RNs. Some physicians have hired NPs but can't bill for the work the NP does so it is not economically feasible for physicians.

So after getting licensed in BC(you would need to rewrite your ANCC exam if it has been more than 5 years and you would need to do an OSCE(Objective simulated clinical exam)) you could open your own practice but the patient would have to pay for your service. No NP has opened a clinic yet."

Hope this is an answer for anyone else that might have been curious.

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