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Hello everyone, I am soooooo anxious to start school this fall! I am constantly looking for something to do until I start. Its not that i dont already have a busy life...taking care of my three year old son and working full time... its just that every other free moment I have is filled with thoughts of nursing school and what it will be like. I already have my schedule but no book list. Any ideas of things I can do to prepare myself for school and stop myself from going crazy from the wait LOL! Thanks for any responses!

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Savor every pre-nursing school moment -- your life will never be the same again! :lol2:

Buy some books on self-care, stress reduction and time management. Seriously. They will help you during and after school.


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I did NCLEX questions. You'd be surprised how many you know... even if you don't get them right read the rationals for the answers, the style of questions will get you ready for the nursing school style questions and you won't be as shell shocked when you see questions where every answer is correct, but 1 i more correct than the rest. Read the links on ths nursing process here on it sure helped me! Good luck!!


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Thank you I will definately have to start that!


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Enjoy your time off. I would not waste my time with NCLEX questions at this point. You will get plenty of that, eventually. Everything you need to know you will eventually learn.


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Assuming your anatomy & physiology is still fresh in your mind... If you took pathophysiology, get out your book and review. If you didn't, get a pathophys book and just start reading through it. Everything in nursing is predicated on knowing the anatomy & physiology. The pathophys is integrated into the curriculum, but it is a lot of material in a short amount of time if you have not had any pathophys before. You will save yourself some late nights if you have at least a basic working knowledge of patho before you start. Trust me...I know can thank me later. :-)


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LOL I appreciate the advise! Thx!:uhoh3:


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Go out and have a beer. I actually really enjoyed nursing school. Got to meet a lot of new friends. I actually enjoy my job too. You'll do fine. Just make the best of it and try to stay away from complaining and the negativity. Feel proud about what u do too. It seems like now days everyone has taken the pride out of nursing. Just remember that not everyone can do this job and be proud of that.


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Thanks! I like your outlook on that...I think i'll have a corona lol :lol2:

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