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Now has Covid, thought it was a hoax


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My cousin's husband now has Covid. He was one of those who was convinced it was a hoax. He is at home with fevers, and poor appetite.

Hopefully he will do well since he is very fanatical about is plant-based diet, and is a strong bicyclist. He is in his seventies but looks much younger. My cousin has consulted all her alternative medicine doctors and they are using a lot of supplements and smoothies. He does have a history of pulmonary emboli she told me. We'll see how he does.


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So sorry to hear this!! I hope he will get medical help if needed. Wishing you all well!

Very cautious people who never thought it is a hoax can still get COVID. On my unit a few RNs and CNAs got COVID and they are very strict with their mask wearing, PPE, and washing hands.  So you never know. It's bad obviously for your cousin's bad news, but from your post the implication is that because he was in COVID DENIAL that was the only reason why he got it.  Sure, he could have increased his chances, but that didn't completely eliminate his chances either.


It is best to think that EVERYONE has it and that includes people with a hazmat suit on.