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Hi all! It may be quite early for a Fall 2019 forum, but it's better to be prepared. I'm in the process of completing my pre-reqs at MDC and am projected to finish Spring 2019. So with that being said, my plan is to apply to NSU for the Fall 2019 nursing program. Anyone out there beginning their journey with admissions, etc. ?

I have an interview Oct well as the Kaplan test. Super excited and surprisingly not so nervous anymore.

Hi! I will also be taking the test October 16! See you there! :)

I'm interviewing in too?

That's gr8!! See you there.

Did you guys apply for Fall 2019?


Who was at Davie today?

Hi! I was at the Miami campus! Keep me posted! Hoping we both get accepted!

How did your interview go? What prep book did you use for the Kaplan? I've heard it's very similar to the HESI exam.

did anyone get accepted?

Wow! You guys applied so early! My interview is on the 19th. I'm so nervous.. I have no idea what to expect for the Kaplan exam and the interview. I got a 89 on the TEAS and I heard the Kaplan is similar so hopefully I'll do good!


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Congrats omg!! How was the interview?! What type of questions did they ask?

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