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Nothing like having one of those CRAZY shifts....


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...one of those running around all night, kid's spiking, need STAT cultures, and blood products to pump up BP's that are bottoming out but there's no type & screen yet and parents are annoyed that there's a BP cuff going off Q15mins, and there are pumps beeping...everywhere...always...and you can't tell where it's coming from but it doesn't matter 'cause you're still just running around trying to take care of everything...

...the MD is irate that you didn't call sooner...because you forgot your darn polycom phone at the station...and this kid is on total isolation so you're not leaving the room to go get it...and respiratory therapy just called because "did you notice there's no order for blow by oxygen?"

...nothing like finding out the day shift RN taking your sickest patient has called in sick at the last minute (and no one bothered to tell you until change of shift) and they don't have coverage until 9am...

...and you're giving report late, getting out late, driving home with tears in your eyes feeling like a terrible RN and hoping you did enough and cared enough and trying to remember what you forgot to chart...

And the next night, when you come back, your manager says:

"You know, that family REALLY, really liked you!"

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It sucks when you have a crazy, sometimes awful night but it all seems worth it when the patient/families appreciate you!


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Specializes in Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant. Has 3 years experience.

Thanks! I actually really love my job and feel very blessed to work where I do...it just amazes me that even during those crazy shifts, when you think you're doing nothing right, there is still room for appreciation -- when you least expect it. It does make such a difference!!!