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I left Hospital work and went into Home Infusion therapy, thinking things would be different. I guess I was wrong. I have been there 6 months and I am starting to see how things really are. It is run by a nurse and the rest of her family. You are cut no slack at all. I was told the other day I will get no sympathy for being pregnant. Well first of all, I am not looking for any sympathy, but cut me a break if I am moving alittle slower these days. I am sorry if I am hungry and need to eat or I have to go to the bathroom more. Don't feel sorry for me, because I will get the job done!!! I am just upset at the attitude I am getting all of a sudden. I still do my job well and loved by my patients. I get more hassles from my female co-worker. The males are so understanding and help me all the time. Sorry to vent. Did anyone else have this problem while they were pregnant? Because if it comes between my health as well as my babies, they are going to lose one the there best nurses. But then again seems like no one really cares that nurses leave all the time. Thanks for listening.


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I feel for you! My spouse was injured a couple of months ago. I am unsure if he will make a full recovery, but he is improving in some aspects. I feel like I have had to fight an up-hill battle ever since the accident. I am currently on family leave, helping with personal care, therapy at home. He spent several weeks in the hospital, the first one in another state, which I stayed with him. I was allowed to take another week off to spend some time with my children, who I hadn't seen in a week. After that, I was expected to work as usual. Mandatory overtime, and all. No slack. I am not SuperWoman. My family comes first. Yes, I need to feed, house, and clothe them, and that costs money. We are going to have to make do on much less that if I were working. But right now, they are the most important things in this world to me. Two of them could have been taken from me in a moment. Thanks to God for what I have, as it could have been worse.

Take care of yourself and your babies (twins?). You have to do it for yourself. Demand your breaks, they are legally yours. And, if necessary, and it becomes a health hazard to your or your babies, you can always ask your doctor to write you a prescription for x number of breaks for an x amount of time, while on duty.

Good luck!!


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I find it sad that nurses who are mothers themselves have no compassion for fellow nurses who are pregnant or caring for their children or for the father of their children. Once, when I called in due to my young son being ill with an asthma episode, I was asked by a supervisor "Can't you find someone else to take care of this for you?". I later told my unit director that I was a mother before I was a nurse and I will still be a mother long after I am a nurse. I don't feel nursing is a very family friendly profession. I wish I had started my home business a long time ago instead of having spent so much time away from my family working overtime or coming home too exhausted everyday to spend quality time with them. My kids are growing up so fast and I wonder how much I have already missed or taken for granted. I can't get that time back, but I am trying to change what time we have left before they are grown.

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