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I'm currently on summer vacation from Nursing School going into 3rd semester. I really want to be successful this coming up semester and try a different method of studying b/c obviously what I've been not sticking in long term memory. I want to do notecards but I seem to put too much or too little on my notecards. Can anyone tell me the VITAL INFO to put on notecards without having to flood your notecards?

That's such a good question! I start my first semester this month...bought a bunch of index cards ( because I heard that was a great way to study) and I'm not exactly sure what to do with them! SMH :uhoh21:

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It depends on what you are studying. Drugs? Put drug name on one side, other side Mechanism of action, uses, side effects (main COMMON ones, like 3 max.), adverse effects (life threatening), common doses. Maybe add nursing indications/contraindications. Write facts not sentences!

I also like to start out general... For example start with one card ACEI's, and on back list all of them.

What about for PATHO? I'm doing a review before school starts back up.

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I like to start out general and move specific. For example, say you are studying cardiac. I would draw a simple enough diagram of the heart (draw 4 chambers, know which chamber the pulmonic artery stems from)... I keep the diagram on the side so I can refer back to which mechanism is taking place and where (for example, aortic stenosis).

Then I would make one card, for example "What are the main functions of the cardiovascular system?"

1. transport and exchange

2. transport of hormones

3. thermoregulation

4. movement of proteins and cells into injured tissues in inflammatory response

Or "main functions of L and R ventricle". I always study with an open book, and usually save notecards for last, once I have a grasp on the subject. I don't like to have a million notecards with just definitions, I like concepts, arrows, or the flow of the disease on the back. Hope this helps! :-)

Yes it helps thank you!

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This is sooooo perfect thank you for this because I had no idea either!!! :yeah: Love this site!!

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Honestly I think you need to give up the note cards. Note cards do not work in nursing school at least not for me. I take notes, make outlines and concept maps that really helpput things together. Study guides and practice questions help a lot. I listen to recordings of lecture and make my own recordings that I listen to on my way to and from class, its a bit of a drive. I study little bits all the time.

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Yea those suggestions and examples really helps a lot...I never know what to put on note cards but they really help me study...

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