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A month left in this semester...

My grades are always below average, and am nervous. :o

Not doing well. Was an "A" student for my pre-reqs. Now I'm getting C's... I do admit that I haven't been doing the reading and not studying all the time. I just feel so tired. :crying2:

How do I make it through? Did anyone feel the same way while in Nursing school? How do you cope and how do you recover?

Need some advice.


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Well its a long standing fact/rumour that the first year of nursing school includes two numbers. Your falling grade and your rising weight. Don't sweat it yet. Once you get a grasp of a routine you'll do fine. Thats what I keep telling myself. I'll worry about getting on the Dean's list next year. The great thing about nursing is that academic grades are not what its all about. Nursing invloves so many other components. I'm sure you'll do fine. Just reacess next year and change a few things...adjust a few things...and voila. Back on top!


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The nursing program is ovewhelming for everyone. You stated yourself that you haven't been doing the reading or studying enough. There many things that you can do to improve your grades. Without knowing your situation with other obligations, it's hard to make suggestions but here are a few anyway.

Find a study partner or two but no more. If you study in larger groups, it tends to be too easy to turn into a social thing. Optimally, study in a place free of distractions (kids,husbands,wives etc... My study partner and I would get together on Sunday Mornings, enjoy coffee and pastry and then get to it. We both had prepared separately and usually had notes written about things that we were having difficulty with.

Plan little rewards or presents to yourself for meeting study goals. It can be as simple and a bowl of ice cream, a glass of wine or an hour of leisure reading.

When you get an assignment back with a less that stellar grade, find someone who did well and ask them if you may compare to see what you might improve on. This works well for things like care plans. Some people are very good at them. Identify the differences and learn what you could do better.

You obviously have the ability to do this if you could get an A in A & P, Microbiology, etc... Don't beat yourself up about the grades. Just be truthful with yourself about why your grades and low and make a committment to yourself to do better.

I worked full time throughout the program and managed decent grades. I am no Einstein! I was tired often and complained and moaned often to blow off steam. The result was well worth it.

Good Luck to you. You can do it!

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That big text book does look awfully heavy and discouraging, doesn't it? But it's true that getting in the reading really makes a difference. That doesn't necessarily mean you have read a hundred pages in the big heavy text book though. There are other resources you might look at next time you're at a retail book store. Lipincott, for instance, has a review series that condenses relevant material into something one can actually realistically read. I believe they even have a fundamentals review book. I've been using the review books for the last six months with pretty decent success. There's also the internet when you get into more pathophysiology. These books have helped a lot of us out.

Hang in there.

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I so understand what you are going through!! Nursing School really does take committment on your part though!! I agree the reading is essential b/c this semester we have been running all over doing different rotations and papers out the wazoo so I haven't had as much time to read and it is killing me on my grades. Each test I have taken this semester the grade has gone down. I am passing by only.56 and starting to sweat!! I have 2 more tests and a final to bring the grade up and should have time to study for them now.

Saunders also has a good review book that cuts right to the heart of the matter.

Just keep your chin up and you will get their soon!! Good Luck

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