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Not sure where to start


I dropped out of nursing school after my first year, I lost focus and ended up married with a baby. ( Def not a regret I have a great husband and kid) but now I've been at a job I don't enjoy and I'm ready to go back to nursing school. Where do I start? I looked up evening classes and found Lasalle achieve program. Do I need to have all my prerequisites completed and if so would they accept my completed courses from 7 years ago? Advice please?


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Call and make an appointment with an advisor at the school you want to go to. That's the only way you can and will get great advice on how and where to start.

OH man…….sorry to hear this…I would go speak to several advisors and see what they say. good luck

la_chica_suerte85, BSN, RN

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The "recency rule" (whether or not 7 yo pre-reqs are still valid) varies by institution. Mine didn't have one but I know other places wouldn't accept them. Check with the institution you're interested in. What I basically did was go back to school, finish up any loose ends prior to the program, took the TEAS V (or HESI or PAX or whatever test the institution you're interested in requires), got my letters of recommendation and applied. The only thing I was very concerned about was whether my nearly 5 yo A&P classes would still be valid. When I inquired about that with an administrator in my program, I was surprised to learn that it didn't matter and they were acceptable. Shop around. Research the "road maps" on the programs you're interested in and see what's out there. Good luck!

Miss Infermiera2b, BSN, RN

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Like the other posters are saying, no one can really answer that question for you except for an academic advisor. Definitely contact the schools with the programs you might be interested in and find out about their requirements. And remember, if they don't accept your pre-reqs, it's really not the end of the world because I would certainly need a refresher after all that time away. Best of luck!