Not quite sure on NP dea laws?


Hi, Ive been accepted at the community college and plan to become a RN then depending on 2015 either go for DNP or my Masters to become a NP. My question is while researching the occupation and all the ins and outs I read that Iowa (were I live) np's may prescribe controlled subtances and so on with a DEA number.

All RX companies say you must have a medical directors signature on the authorization paper for it to be legal. My question is if you start your own practice since iowa allows NP's freedom without a physicans supervision (although recommended) who would be the medical director of your own practice? :confused: I apologize for the dumb question im just not very familiar with the medical field YET.

My example is for a vial of Lidocaine in a clinic setting to remove a wart or suture a small laceration who is the person who would order said RX to be stocked in your clinic? Any help would be most welcomed as the laws on becoming a NP seem rather clear but the RX portion seems rather confusing.


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NP's where I live can apply for there own DEA number and they can write anything..without a Dr. signing off on it. I go to a NP that has her own practice and everything. This is in MS. I know other states have different laws though.

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I'm in Indiana, so what I write might not pertain to you, but...

I worked in 3 different clinics, and prescribed drugs including controlled substances, and signed for deliveries of medications (not controlled substances). On the days I worked, there was no doctor in 2 of the clinics.

Are you talking about authorization to have stock meds? or are you talking about prescribing controlled substances to patients to pick up at home?? or are you talking about having medications in the clinic to use while the patients are there?

In Indiana, clinics can't have controlled substances on-site (at least that's how it was at the 3 clinics where I worked). We had all sorts of other things there though.

I would guess if you don't have to have a doctor working with you (we call it collaboration rather than supervision), you wouldn't have a doctor as a medical director. There are benefits to having a doctor as a collaborator, if you can get one who wants to do it.

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I was more or less pertaining to meds in stock, I understand that most states allow NP's to write prescriptions that a pt can pick up at a pharmacy Ie: Wallgreens, Wal Mart, ect. But I am unsure as to whether NP's in iowa are allowed to stock and dispense meds in their own clinic.

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in addition to bon regs for np practice, state pharmacy board regulations regarding meds and controlled substances also apply. iowa permits aprn to have a medication supply within clinic with license application under distribution regs.

iowa administrative code chapter 7 - advanced registered nurse practitioners

advanced registered nurse practitioner information

"prescriptive authority"

is the authority granted to an arnp registered in iowa in a recognized nursing specialty to prescribe, deliver, distribute, or dispense prescription drugs, devices, and medical gases when the nurse is engaged in the practice of that nursing specialty. registration as a practitioner with the federal drug enforcement administration and the iowa board of pharmacy examiners extends this authority to controlled substances. arnps shall access the iowa board of pharmacy examiners web site for iowa pharmacy law and administrative rules and the iowa board of pharmacy examiners newsletter.

657 i.a.c. chapter 10 - controlled substances.

national info:

prescriptive authority: a national and state perspective


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NrsKarenRN Thank you VERY MUCH! exactly what I was looking for lots and lots of red tape but in the end I know this is my dream goal, Kind of feel bad that everyone says its out of reach for a iowa boy though :(

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mnurseia!!! It's not out of reach for you! I know lots of male NPs, and one is even in Iowa!! Keep on keeping on...


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I think your real question is "if you start your own practice since iowa allows NP's freedom without a physicans supervision (although recommended) who would be the medical director of your own practice?"

As a NP, physicians aren't supervisors. The are consultants. Symantics yes, but that makes a huge difference. If I had my own building, I'd have my consulting physician sign my DEA application.


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Ok, Assuming I used a md as a consultant/colleague why would I have them sign my DEA application when the states im capable of doing it even for schedules II-IV?