Not what I expected so far.


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I am 2 months into nursing as a new LVN at a SNF and feeling pretty depressed lately about my career choice. I don't feel like I'm really making a difference in the patients' lives. I feel constantly rushed and overwhelmed and this is causing me anxiety. I get thrown a new admit without even being trained, etc.. Just passing out the meds is so draining and time consuming that I feel like I can't even focus on the individual patients and their actual needs. Work loads are extremely unrealistic, it's disheartening. I feel jaded and disillusioned about nursing already and I am only 2 months in. It's very sad to me to feel this way. I feel an overwhelming sadness about this lately. I feel like a robotic med-pusher who is in a frantic rush to get little tasks done. I don't even feel like this is helping anyone. I can't even believe what nursing facilities expect 1 nurse to complete in one shift. I can't take my time or I'll never go home. I feel sick about it lately. I don't know what to do, I don;t know what path to take anymore. I am lost and have been lost about my career choices my whole life. I am 35 and never feel like I have found what is right for me. Too much energy has already been invested and yet still not gratified. I don't know what would be the right path of nursing for me to make me happy, where I feel like I really am making a difference and not just rushing around all day stressed out of my mind. That helps no one.

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You are going through new grad reality shock. All new grads feel this to some degree. The idealized world of nursing school is gone and all that is left is the difference between reality and your expectations.

You are stressed out of your mind because you are new. You have not yet earned your confidence. You don't have a rhythm or a routine just yet. You thought it would be more touchy-feely and less task oriented. I get it. We all get it to be honest.

This is the reality of the medical system we have in the USA at this time. If you weren't there doing the things you do, then these poor people would truly have nobody. You ARE making a difference.

Its important you get your personal needs for fulfillment met outside of your job. Volunteer. Exercise. Eat well. Pursue a passion or a hobby. Stop looking for gratification through your work. You will find it more fulfilling as you get more experienced and feel more in control, but making your life meaningful is what you are craving. You can get that outside of work too. Most people have to find their fulfillment outside of how they earn a paycheck. That probably sounds depressing if you were expecting nursing to be a more fluffy experience and I am sorry for that. It is just too much pressure to place on something as simple as a job. It's a job. Do it well. As you get better you will find more time to create meaningful interactions with your patients.

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That describes SNF conditions everywhere. Look for other LVN positions in a different environment or go RN and then you have a lot more options available.