Not so great first year of college


I know, I know how very competitive nursing programs are. I am really bummed out with myself that I didn't take my first year seriously.My first semester's gpa was 2.75, and my second semester I got more A's but failed my math class. Anxiety has lost me sleep at night. Nursing is what I want to do, even if that means getting there takes me longer from retaking classes. I am a student at University of South Florida, and their nursing program is extremely competitive. I am not looking for people to tell me to give up, I just want to hear other peoples experiences who didn't have a high gpa to compete with.What are my options? How can I improve my chances. What routes can I take?


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I was the same way, my first year was not the best. I almost changed majors just because i didnt think i could get into a nursing school with my grades. Work on being well rounded. Do volunteer hours at a hospital, join clubs, or basically anything you can put on your resume so they can look at your application and see that you may not have the best grades, but you were involved in something. I did that, and i made straight A's the next year and got accepted into my #1 nursing school.

Good Luck!


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Im a freshman up @ GSW and i didnt have a great first year either! ugh i was working and studying hell i was studying @ work! and my gpa is a freaking 1.84 :'( i know nursing is a hard field to get into but i want it soooo bad! then @ that i want my masters in nursing. my own practice. everything. i just learned my lesson off having to buckle down more and take full throttle advantage of my tutoring for ANYTHING im having trouble with. Its going to be hard but like you said with us wanting it soo bad we going to get it even if it takes one or two extra years...its alright obviously you dont need to be bummed seeing my gpa and this is off my first semester my second is almost through im praying i do better this semester... :)


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Don't give up! They do put into consideration if you started doing better :)