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I'm new to this but I am tyring to get some info on traveling. I was told by someone that there are agencies that accept you straight out of school to do travel nursing. Does anyone know what agency may not require a year experience?


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Believe me, you will WANT at least a year's experience before you travel. There is little to no orientation - you will sink and hate every second of it if you take a travel assignment right out of school.

And...I'll be brutal (and apologize now for it), but what kind of agency is gonna send a new grad into an already short-staffed unit??? This is asking you to hurt patients, make mistakes and never have any good experience.

There is no way (unfortunately) to bypass the experience plane - believe me, you will appreciate that one year and then some that you get BEFORE you travel.


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Totally agree with Trauma....a years experience is the very minimum that you can get away with in order to be comfortable with yourself as a nurse before traveling. I would not have wanted to travel as a new grad!!



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Totally agree with other posters...You need at LEAST one year,preferably two years experience before thinking about travel.

As a traveler you will be expected to jump right in with minimal orientation. And be expected to know what you are doing,which don't.

So for your own sake,get some experience before you travel. You'll be glad you did....



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Please don't do it! A lot of staff are hard enough on travellers without us having to follow in the footsteps of someone who tries to do it as a new grad.

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