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Not so excited to start my bridge


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Ok so here is my rant/concerns. Input please!

I am a LPN getting ready to start a bridge program in May. I mean I truly want to be a RN, I am just dreading going through nursing school all over again. I can already feel the anxiety building up inside me. Im scared Im dooming myself from the get go. The first time around in nursing school I was excited, but now I just know what Im getting myself into. I just keep telling myself its only a year and I can do it! I know once I get there Ill suck it up and do as best as I can because Im only going to do it once, no failing for this gal! I just am ready to be done before I even start. I finished my LPN about two years ago and still feel a bit burnt out from that even. Has anyone ever felt like this going into their bridge? I hope maybe this time MAYBE it will be a bit better since I have some studying skills and what not, but Im so not looking forward to it. It sucks even more that I start in the summer. Ok thats my rant. Im just a bit of a worry wart and I can feel those nursing school blues creeping up again =(


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Its suppose to say NOT so excited to start my bridge program btw! I proof read everything but my title =/

I feel somewhat the same way but im trying to stay positive and count down the days until im done(haven't even started yet ) . Thankful that I got in!

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I just want to say, you guys can do it. I felt exactly the same way. But I knew I had to get my butt into gear, buckle down for the next year, and weather the storm. It went by really fast and before I knew it, it was over (graduated this past Dec. 2012). I did have to go through the summer, we went from early June through end of July with a month off. It was very similar to LPN school except building upon your nursing foundation. I wont say it was easy either you will have to put in the time and work to succeed. I worked fulltime at my clinic and finished with a 3.7 GPA! But you will feel like you know alot more than when you started LPN school. Congrats on taking the next step in furthering your education.

Im feeling the dread trying to decide to go back for BSN-I wil have to again buckle down and weather yet another storm, uggh!. I know I should go right away or I may never go back, but I am burned out. I have been in nursing school since 2006 and college overall since 2001 with no break so I know what you all mean. YOU CAN DO THIS, THE REWARD WILL BE GREAT! Just visualize you being able to write RN after your name, and having a little more job oppurtunities coming your way.


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I had my orientation today. I can say I am nervous! It does seem overwhelming again but hopefully I can get through. It does suck that I will have to cut down on my work hours but I am smart enough to know that school comes first. Hopefully I will only have to cut back a few days a week. I did get to skip like two classes at least! I am going to just enjoy my next month and a half off before I start and then its a years worth of hell for me lol