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Hi! A little bit about my current situation - I recently graduated from RN program. I have been in Canada for 6 years and my work experience is limited to two jobs. The first job I had, the company does not exist anymore and owners moved. The second one, where I worked as PSW for couple years, the company apparently has the policy of not giving the references and I was told that they can only confirm my employment. The majority of the jobs I am applying for ask for at least 3 references. I am worried that if I will give them only my academic references it will be the red flag for the future employers. Should I take out that job from my resume or leave it and hope that the potential employers will be understanding when I will explain the policies of my previous workplace. Any advice? Thank you!

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When I got my first nursing job over 2 years ago, I only provided academic references (clinical instructors, preceptors)because it was directly related to nursing, and they accepted those as references. It may depend on where you apply though, some facilities request that you only provide references of people who you directly reported to (managers and supervisors) while other facilities may not require this

If a previous employer only confirms dates of employment, potential employers should not hold that against you. Just provide the information called for on the job application, previous supervisors and/or particular type of reference, and let the chips fall where they may. You have done your part by providing the contact information. If it makes you feel any better, I was once told by a new employer that they didn't check references until after the fact anyway, as a way of completing the hiring process. They made their decisions based on the application and interview. I imagine many employers, in fact, do it that way.

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