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Northern Michigan hospitals


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I know this is kinda general, but I am thinking of moving from Wisconsin to Michigan, but I can't do the large city thing.

I was wondering if I could get some information on hospitals in northern mainland Michigan. I LOVE the snow and all that so weather isn't too much of a factor for me.

Thanks in advance for any info I get!!



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I live in Saginaw which is right in mid-Michigan near the bay. The tri-cities are Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland and all of them offer a city atmosphere if you live right in the city but if you're not interested in that there is country living just minutes away from all of them. There are so many opportunities for health care workers in the area since we have so many hospitals. In Saginaw there are 2 main campuses of Covenant Healthcare as well as St. Mary's. In Bay City there is Bay Medical Center. In Midland there is MidMichigan Regional Medical Center. The links for all of them are below.





tvccrn, ASN, RN

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I will check out those links. Thanks!!!:yeah:

You might want to look into Munson Medical Center. The main campus is in Traverse City, which *is* (obviously) a city- but rural areas are not too far away. I think their website also has a listing of affiliated hospitals in the area. http://www.munsonhealthcare.org/



tvccrn, ASN, RN

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I had hearn about Munson. Thanks! I will take a look.

SusanKathleen, RN

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Petoskey is lovely. Here is a link to their hospital. I have two cousins that work there and love it:


The old name for the hospital is "Little T", and many folks around there still call it by that name. 'Big T", noe called Munson (mentioned already) is in Traverse City, also a lovely place.


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Check out Northern Michigan Regional Hospital. Petoskey, MI, on Lake Michigan. Northernhealth.org

Munson is a really great network! I was a patient there... very great people.

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Munson all the way!

It is a frequent Magnet Hospital, that treats its RN's well, is technologically up-to-date, and is in a beautiful area.

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