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Northeastern- CRNA program

Hey everyone!

Did anyone else get an interview at Northeastern? Is it your top choice? Do you know how many people they usually interview for how many spots? Any interview advice? Thanks.

Does it say on or before January 2017? That's what my email says.. Wonder if they are different? I think it was generic from the program director

My email says the same thing. How did your interviews go? It's definitely my first choice. Hopefully we hear back soon!

Pretty sure it's winter break now for Bouve so not sure if they'll be sending anything out until classes resume

I was offered a spot the week before Christmas, just getting the invite to accept/decline this week. Anybody else? I could not be more excited!

They may be sending out a second round of acceptances soon? The deadline to respond to the informal acceptance was January 4th, perhaps some students are going elsewhere? Fingers crossed for you guys!

easton5 specializes in ICU, ER, Flight Nurse.

I'm glad I found this forum! I've been looking to see if anyone else has applied to the Northeastern program. How did everyone's interview go? Mine was more of a get to know you feel. Both interviewers were really nice. I still haven't heard anything regarding acceptance/rejection. Any one else hear anything yet? My email said on or around January... I'm going to go insane if I have to wait much longer!!! :scrying:

Hey Easton! I ended up getting declined from TWU. Interested in north eastern since you applied this year! Heard anything? I will most likely be applying next year!

easton5 specializes in ICU, ER, Flight Nurse.

I got turned down around Jan 15th. It was a positive no, so I will be reapplying this fall. In addition, I have started the process with Western Carolina Univ and Boston College. Both start in Jan, and they are only 28 months.


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