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    Is anyone attending this online program? An info appreciated. The cost is very reasonable. How easy is it to travel from the East Coast to grand Forks for the on campus session? Thanks!
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  3. by   BibleBarb56
    I'm not attending this program, but I moved to Grand Forks from the East coast and drove here. It took me about a day and a half to drive here. I guess it would depend on how often you would be required to go to UND for sessions. I heard they have a great nursing program. Probably worth your while to check it out. Good Luck To You
  4. by   marigoldey
    Imen - did you decide to apply to this program? If enrolled, can you tell me how you like it? Thank you!
  5. by   nursebay
    are you talking the MSN-FNP program or post graduate DNP (you are already an FNP)
  6. by   pnwagnp
    I attended their accelerated BSN program in the past (it's phased out now) and I didn't travel from the east coast, but I did drive and fly multiple times during my time in ND. from the PNW, flights at their cheapest (usually bought 3 months in advance) were as little as $700-800 (which isn't really "little") and if I flew short notice (within the 1-1.5 month range) it was easily a little over $1000.00. When I drove (about 24 hours total) we stopped in Montana a couple of nights before making it back to the Seattle area.