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  1. Hello everyone
    I was wondering if anyone could give me any general statements/opinions on living and working in ND. I recently got my first RN job at Mercy Medical Center in Williston. The online reviews weren't too nice about the care here but I know those are relative. I'm relocating from CA and can already see how challenging finding affordable housing will be (Hopefully, not more difficult than it was to find a job!). Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it as bad as it seems?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    Did you actually find housing yet? I think that was the biggest problem... although look on youtube there is a special called Boomtown Girls that shows Williston life right now.

    I actually have been considering relocating up there for a year or two to get the RN experience .. but housing has been crazy high and the pay scale for nurses, unlike the oil workers, does not support the price gauging.
  4. by   L&D<3
    I have put my application into a few apartment complexes that are set to open soon. But it is actually quite a challenge. I don't mind. I refuse to believe it will be harder than finding a job. I'll let you know if it works out. My starting monthly salary would be around $3700 but I have the help of my boyfriend so we are trying hard to be able to afford ND, just so I can get the experience.

    And I will definitely look that up! Thanks for the reply!
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  5. by   Scarlettz
    Good luck you you- and congrats! I am very interested in making the move to ND once I graduate from my RN to BSN program here. Please let us know (or PM if you prefer) how the apartment search is going.
  6. by   deltadi
    Are you moving up to be at the oil boom? We are from ND; recently in process of relocating back to Minot from Wisconsin. We are grateful that my parents are tolerating us using their lower level while we wait for our WI home to sell. But, what we are hoping to sell for $200,000 would sell in Minot for $500,000. Good luck. If you can stand the winters and outlive the boom, ND is the greatest place to call home!
  7. by   L&D<3
    Just to give ya'll an update: I am currently renting a room out $700/month. It is a few blocks from Mercy Medical so it's perfect. It is freezing up here but if you dress appropriately then it's totally doable. Plus, it's not like you'll be hanging around outside very much. This room is temporary until I can find something more permanent for my family. I am seriously considering buying a house, since there are so many for sale in the area.

    Deltado: No, my family and I are here primarily because I got a job at the hospital. We are not here for the oil.
  8. by   ilovemicrobiology
    How did you find the room, through Craigslist or something like that? I'm planning on moving out to the Minot area after graduation in May and have been checking Craigslist out for a while. It looks to me like a lot of the people renting rooms are creepy guys. Ughhh!!
  9. by   L&D<3
    Yup Craigslist. And the local classified paper (the Shopper) I know there are a few creeper ads but my best advice is to be diligent in checking over and over again as the times grows near. Housing this year SHOULD be better because of all the new construction, at least in my area. But who knows if it will be affordable. Just be optimistic and good luck!
  10. by   meggiemarie
    How are you liking mercy? I'll be moving to Williston this June & I'm hoping to work there. What unit are you working in?
  11. by   meggiemarie
    Duh just realized your sn is L&D so you prob work in L&D, lol.
  12. by   L&D<3
    Hey! Yes I was hired onto L&D, which is my dream unit. I am liking it very much. The people are very helpful and friendly and always willing to answer my questions no matter how dumb they may seem to me, not to mention constant! Lol. Let me know if I can help in any way and feel free to ask my questions good luck!
  13. by   ColoradoRN26
    Hi L&D<3,

    I hope you are still enjoying your job! I am wondering what the application process was like with Mercy Medical Center? Were they prompt to follow up with you after applying?
  14. by   myaniel2
    hi.. i'm moving to dickinson in april or may.. please help me find affordable housing.. thanks