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  1. After traveling for over a year I am ready to have a normal life again, I really want to come back to NC. Originally my husband and I lived in Wilmington but want something a little bigger (hospital and city). I interviewed with Carolinas Medical in Charlotte who surprised me by saying they don't use travelers and don't have sign-on or retention bonuses. I understand that sign-on bonuses can signal problems but a little help relocating would be nice.

    I am also thinking about Raleigh/Durham area and I'm hoping to travel to Duke and see what it is like. Anyone have an opinion of a good hopsital to work at? Anyone love their job?
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  3. by   mittels
    Personally, I would work for the hospital that didnt offer sign on bonus' (sp). or any other. Think about, they obviously are not in great need and turnover is probably low at this hospital, alot of lifers. Ask them personally what their turn over rate is and if low, you have your answer, a very good place to work.
  4. by   busyrninva
    Why wouldn't you want to work in Wilmington? That is where I hope to move at in the next 3 years after my husband finished school. I thought New Hanover was the best emplyment place around these states?
  5. by   wcu_nurse
    I've heard that Rex Hospital in Raleigh is a great hospital to work at. I've heard that they pay great and that the employees stay for a long time. It's not as large as duke, but duke doesn't pay well.

    Best of luck to you! Don't worry, it'll all work out!
  6. by   RN Zeke
    Remember, bigger isn't better. More confusion, with all the students and must check behind them in the charts......Pay isn't that great either. DO a contract there first and see what you think. And then do one at various other local hospitals to get your own big picture. I did a contract there in surgery, it was ok .
  7. by   webbiedebbie
    I live in Wilmington and New Hanover is the only hospital. Therefore, no competition. NH is having problems, too. They are offering only one health insurance and the premium is very expensive. Also, they are offering child care, but that too is very expensive. You only get employee discount in the cafeteria if you have payroll deduction. That means, people, if you prefer to pay cash, then you pay FULL PRICE!. They just reduced PDO accumulation. No raises this year. I could go on...

    However, it is a very clean hospital and most of the people there are very friendly. Every few years, they get to deep in debt. Then they fix things and it is very profitable to work there. Administration keeps changing and I think that is why they have problems every few years. I hope to work there again some day when they get things straightened out again.
  8. by   busyrninva
    Is it true that their nurse/patient ratio is 1:5 ? And that you have your "own" CNA? I think on their website they have listed 29 PTO days starting out.
  9. by   LauraLBS
    If you are interested in Raleigh, WakeMed and Rex are both good hospitals to work for. Personally I believe WakeMed is the better of the two, but it can depend on the department you work for, of course. WakeMed also has a nice hospital in Cary - Western Wake Hospital.