Wake Tech Spring 2019

  1. This is my first post. I noticed that there hasn't been a thread started for this application cycle. So, I wanted to start one for anyone else applying for next spring.

    I am am taking my last three pre-reqs (microbiology, dev. psychology and english 112) this summer semester and am regretting the amount of work that so many classes during summer means. But, at least it is already halfway over.

    I just took my teas and spoke to an advisor. As of right now I am at 108 points. The advisor said that the amount of points of people accepted for the upcoming fall semester was between 124 and 166.

    So, if all goes the same and I pass all classes hopefully that means I'm in. 🤞

    Where does everyone else stand?
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  3. by   Eram786
    I recently applied to the program as well. Hats off to you for taking 3 classes. I took 2 classes this summer and that was stressful. Well at least they are over. Good luck to you. Let the conversation begin.

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  4. by   nkkshvnne
    Hi Eram. Congrats on finishing out the semester. So happy that summer semester stress is over. Have you finished all of the pre-reqs? What was your point total?

    I've been taking classes at Johnston Community College and transferred them. I was so stressed because the grades there didn't post until July 26th. I though that they wouldn't get my transcript in time. But, I went up there and turned in my application yesterday. Turns out they got my transcript the day after my semester ended. But didn't actually transfer the classes, so they weren't in the computer yet. I am so happy that I went up there to confirm it, instead of mailing the application.

    My point total ended up being 144. I'm hoping that other people post their totals so that we can get an idea of the point spread.
  5. by   juliahgmason
    Hey guys. I applied for Spring 2019 as well. I forget my actual point score but I believe it's around 136-140 ish. I'm dying to know when they send decision letters out.
  6. by   Cole 1234
    I heard they'll send them some time in September..I'm also very nervous. I think I have about 143points.....
  7. by   CindyJune
    Hi all!
    I misread the original application instructions and thought that I could do the CNA class after applying.. in the time it took to get into a class, pass the class and certification test, I had added enough semesters to finish the prerequisites giving my point score a boost. I hope that makes life easier during the NUR classes! I am excited about Spring!
  8. by   CindyJune
    I heard closer to end of October for decisions.. man I hope you are right that its September!
  9. by   Kikskr
    I applied for Spring 2019. Don't remember my grade from Eng 111 and 112. I transferred those credits in and took those classes over 7 years ago. I know I had either B or A. Without those points factored in, I have a 142.

    Asked the advisor when she thinks the letters will go out. She said there's no set time. Their office adds the points then it's up to the program to send the letters. She said could be September or early October at the latest.

    Best of luck to everyone!
  10. by   Shanetheacer
    Letters should be mailed around the end of September so I was told. My total points is 151. Best of luck to you all!!
  11. by   Eram786
    Congrats on apply and finishing the semester. Yes I have finished all my prequisites for Waketech. I have 160 point which includes the TEAS. I am hoping I get in. Do you know when we will find out if we got in the program? I can't wait to find out.

    Best of luck to everyone!
  12. by   Cole 1234
    Wow you did pretty good.I think they will send out the letter sometime this month.
  13. by   Eram786
    Thank you. I am hoping we get an answer by the end of this month as well. The waiting is killing me.
  14. by   jpwood3
    What's up everyone! I applied this summer too and figured I would weigh in on the conversation. I heard October was when we would start receiving letters, but I am not confident in that. I hope we hear this month! I finished micro and 169 in the fall and applied with 163 points. Good luck to everyone! Hope to meet you all soon!