Wake Tech ADN Spring 2018

  1. Hello All!

    I will be applying this July 31 for admission in the Spring 2018 nursing program at Wake Tech. I just wanted to start a space where we could talk about the process. I am finishing 2 classes (PSY 241 and ENG 112) and start my CNA class May 16th. It's been a lot to balance while having a full time job and kids, but doable. I think I will have about 187 points.

    What about you all?
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  3. by   rntobe1108
    Hey! I am also applying to the spring 2018 admissions. I will fall between 181 and 187 points as well. It depends on my TEAS exam That I am taking next month. Have you taken that yet?
  4. by   rntobe1108
    I also started a thread where a few other people have posted! Either way let's stay in touch through the next few months! Where are you taking psy?
  5. by   Nursingmama3
    I am taking PSY 241 and ENG 112 online at Wake Tech. It's going well but it still gets hard when working full time and having a family. If I get an A in both classes, I will have exactly 187. I took the TEAS and got 6 additional points. I won't bother retaking them because I won't have the time. What I'm noticing is that anyone with 172 points or more has a good chance for admission.

    Yes, I literally saw the other posts about SP 18 as soon as I published my post.

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   rntobe1108
    We must be in the same psy class ! Well that's good atleast you already have that done. The TEAS is my only big stressor at the moment and I have been studying like a mad woman lol. If i get 6 points, i most likely wont even bother taking it again.
    Yes, someone told me in a previous post tha 160 points make a you competetive, and typically 180 points are most highly accepted.
    It's tough I totally hear you. I work a full time job and have been waking up at 4 am the past 4 weeks just to study. We will do this!
  7. by   joycub
    How do you see how many points you'll get for the prerequisites? Their website isn't like other schools.
  8. by   rntobe1108
    Meeting with an advisor.
    I have the sheet that they give you when they meet to let you know where you stand. When I am home later I'll try and get on and put it up here for you. The TEAS score piint are: 91 and above 20 points, 81 and above 12 points and 71 and above is 6 points.
  9. by   joycub
    Ok thanks!
  10. by   Onerichnurse
    Hi...I also applied for Spring 2018....my application was submitted way back in March and I have been trying to keep myself busy so I wont think about it constantly....I am not really sure of my points...I need to get a new point sheet...I have the old one, with the old teas point spread....but I think I have roughly 183points.....
  11. by   gotgifts3
    I just turned in my application. I was hoping I would be competitive with 172 points if I can keep my B in micro. I'm kinda nervous now.
  12. by   Onerichnurse
    Don't be nervous. We still have a bit more time until notifications go out. If you are like me, I try not to think about it and keep myself busy. I broke out my A&P book/notes and I am going to just refresh a bit. I finished my prerequisites in December...so I have been out of study practice. Let us know how micro goes.....

    All the best~
  13. by   Onerichnurse
    Hi ....just checking in on everyone!! What are you all doing to pass the time? I am working full time right now....but I have been really thinking about what I am going to do when I get accepted into the program. Do you all have any thoughts on working while in school...full time? Part time? No time
  14. by   rntobe1108
    Hey! I am working full time now. I will most likel be going supplemental or one day a week. I don't have plans to work as school will be my priority. Hopefully we hear back mid September!