Vidant October New Grad Residency

  1. Hi everyone! I wanted to start a thread for anyone who applied to the October RN New Grad Residency at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. I thought it might be nice to get to know people ahead of time and share questions/advice..
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  3. by   NewYorkerGirl
    Do you have a website for Vidant's nurse residency? I'm having trouble figuring it out. All I see is this indeed ad, or whatever it is.
  4. by   allisonww90
    They don't have any other info on their website other than the just the job posting. If it doesn't let you apply directly from that link you posted then you can use this link to go to the main job postings and search for it that way.

    The only other information I got from them was they wouldn't start reviewing applications until after the application deadline had passed and they expected the start date to be Oct. 20th. Let me know if I can help any more!
  5. by   NewYorkerGirl
    I went ahead and applied using my link. It seems shady, doesn't it? I came across it randomly on indeed, and there's no info on their website. It's like a secret club or something. Well, good luck to you.
  6. by   allisonww90
    Haha. Yeah, I'm not sure why they don't have any website info but it's a great hospital, I know several people who work there! Good luck to you too!
  7. by   NewYorkerGirl
    Well, if it's just the two of us applying we're sure to be hired. lol. I think I may have messed up the application because I didn't see where to upload the letters of recommendation. I uploaded them to my account after submitting the application. I hope this is okay.
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  8. by   allisonww90
    Haha if only! I did the same thing! I thought it would have been part of the actual application. I called after I had submitted it and the lady I talked to said it was fine to upload them afterwards. She also said if they call for an interview I could just bring them in then. I hate that they're leaving the application open for so long, the waiting is driving me crazy!
  9. by   NewYorkerGirl
    Nobody else is applying? Really?
  10. by   LoRNinFL
    I applied to the cohort for the summer and got hired so if ya'll would like to ask any questions, I'd be happy to answer!
  11. by   NewYorkerGirl
    Thanks LoRNinFL. I probably will have questions if they contact me for an interview. They had a lot of questions in their application about NC residency/attending high school in the area, so do you think they'd take an out-of-towner like me? I have FL and NY on my transcript over the past 10 years, so not too much of a job-hopper.
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  12. by   LoRNinFL
    I am not from the area either. I did go to nursing school in greenville but otherwise, I am an out-of-towner. While I was doing my interview, I did see a lot of people from various colleges and heard that they did hire some from out-of-state. Good luck!
  13. by   allisonww90
    LoRNinFL, just curious do you have a BSN or ADN?
  14. by   LoRNinFL
    I have a ADN with a bachelor's degree in a totally different field.

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