Trying to decide b/w Raleigh or Asheville areas...

  1. Hello all!!! I am an RN currently residing in Eastern NC on maternity leave. My husband will be departing from the military soon and we are anxious to get out of the Eastern part of NC. So far we are considering Asheville and the Raleigh/Durham areas. I was trying to see what the pay would be like at each region's hospitals. I have been an RN for two years now. A friend of mine signed over at Pitt with the same experience and they offered her 20.85 an hour. Which seems oddly low. Considering my last job at a nursing home brought in 26 an hour.

    While also being anxious to find a good job I need to explore kid friendly areas of those cities with nice neighborhoods and schools.

    My husband will be going back to school and a city college nearby would be most convenient.

    I appreciate any input. Life post military is going to be exciting but Im also nervous about all the big changes at once.

    Take care everyone!!!
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  3. by   NC Girl BSN
    Both area are desirable but IMO, you will have more opportunites in Raleigh. Several well know colleges and hospitals nearby.The area is geared toward families and there is always something to do.I think you will probably able to make $22-23 in a hospital plus shift diff if you work after 3pm. Good luck to you.
  4. by   giftedRN
    20.85? that sounds very low! OMG...this is so wrong.
  5. by   geteducated123
    I don;t know about the pay but my family and I spent the weekend in Raleigh and loved it. It seemed like there are areas for the busy city life and areas to just slow down and chill, also Cary, NC is nice too. Check out Greensboro NC!!
  6. by   CrazierThanYou
    North Carolina pay for nurses is among the lowest in the country. $20.85 is pretty much what I've seen in every job listing I've looked at, in various areas of the state.

    That's waaaaaay under what you're used to!