Tell me about the NICU's? I have to get out of here!

  1. Hi! Does anyone have ANY information about NICU's in NC?
    Thanks, guys!

    Pulling her hair out,
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    The hospital here in Greenville recently opened a newer, larger, NICU. I think they have almost doubled their capacity. I did an internship in the old NICU thru my nursing program, and it seemed like a nice facility. They are probably still hiring, esp since you have experience. They're hired a lot of new grads. As for other places in the state, I'm not that sure. Check out for more info about hospital/hiring/bonuses. -Andrea
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    Hi! Long story short, we moved to Florida almost a year ago and I absolutely HATE it. Wanted to go to NC in the first place, but the hubster and my family pressured the heck out of me to move here. Pay is crap, hospitals I've seen (and the one I work at) are crap, housing is ridiculously overpriced (by 50-100K!!!!) for what you're getting, and it's too fricking hot.


    Does anyone have ANY information about NICU's in NC? Do you work there, or know a friend who does, or have you seen the NICU in your hospital or read about one in the state? I'll take any information with enthusiasm.

    I know the pay is approx. the same (I'm hearing new grads start off at around 17? Here it's 18; I have four years of experience and only started off at 19!!), but I'm wondering about state taxes? Are the property taxes high? We will be buying a house there. Are there incentives for nurses, like low-interest rate home loans or anything? Loan repayment programs from the state?

    I'm all ears and seriously- I've been sitting at this computer for nearly four hours now feeling like if I don't get the heck out of this state rather soon I am going to go absolutely bonkers. I am totally miserable and have to rectify this ASAP.

    Thanks, guys!

    Pulling her hair out,
    Kris, I'm with you! I am in NY and am also a NICU nurse. I have 11 yrs experiece, make $40+ an hour, and still can't wait to get out! We are headed to the Charlotte area and hoping for the best. There is more to life than the paycheck, believe me! Good luck and let me know how you do!