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  1. I am scheduled to take the TEAS test soon and was looking online to buy a study guide from atitesting.com. I noticed that the study guides were labeled as versions 3.0/4.0, and also a 5.0 version. How do I know which one to order? If it helps I am taking the TEAS test through Forsyth Technical Community College for the ADN program. Thank you for your help.
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  3. by   ItsTheDude
    hmm, i'd think 5.0 is the lastest version?
  4. by   red.tm
    Not necessarily. I had the same question. The TEAS test I'll be taking is v. 3.0. Go figure. Ask your nursing program coordinator. ATI is no help, btw.
  5. by   raymonsgal
    I've found all books are simliar...but lack in SCIENCE...
  6. by   Streamline2010
    for science, from another TEAS thread on here:

    Go to physics4kids.com and in the right-hand margin there's also links to there other sites (i.e. biology4kids, chemistry4kids, etc.). And since these sites are made for young students, the info is put in very plain English. I've found it really helpful in my studying for the TEAS!
    see the sample tests here: http://www.testprepreview.com/teas_practice.htm

    Search and read up on all the discussions here on the TEAS exam. There are lists of science topics that people encountered but the science section is always described as "randomly generated," lol. rough guide: "For the most part the science section covers scientific method, earth science, physics, and chemistry, i had a couple A&P Qs and 1 micro Q " -- that seems consistent across all the threads.

    Some people preferred the ATI guide some a Kaplan guide. The Kaplan goes into more detail.

    Also recommended: http://www.amazon.com/McGraw-Hills-N.../dp/0071599371
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  7. by   Streamline2010
    From something I read in another thread, the TEAS V might not have the science. So don't get that guide unless you verify that it does cover the sciences.
  8. by   Whit2389
    heartbeatcheck out your college's bookstore, they may have it for sale there so you won't have to pay shipping and they will have the one you need. also, some ati study guides come with online practice tests and some don't. heartbeat
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  9. by   amyleadon
    For whatever program you are applying to, call the school or test administrator at the school and ask them. I am applying to several nursing programs this year. I have to take the teas v and the teas 3.0/4.0 versions. Good Luck to you. It depends on the school.
  10. by   emptyboxcars
    Ask your insructor about which version of the ATI book to get. Also, I'd recommend getting this book to study. Mc-Graw Hill's book is also helpful. Between ATI's book, the Kaplan book, and the McGraw-Hill book, I passed my TEAS and got into nursing school. But, you definitely need more than teh ATI book b/c it will not cover everything you need to know for the test!

    Here's Kaplan's book:

  11. by   nyanbensmommy1
    Forsyth is giving TEAS 4.0 but this would be the last semester for that version. Those going in for 2012 will have to take version 5.

    Good luck... i'm waiting to hear if I got in or not.