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Hello all Happy to join you I am seeking a RN job in NC. I want relocate to NC. Any suggestion-great hospital plus good school system and low living cost ... Read More

  1. by   MIM_RN

    i am interviewing at durham regional in march and have applied to wakemed. i would love to know your opinion about both hospitals. (i am graduating in may and, hopefully, moving to nc to work in one of their nurse graduate programs.)
    which areas in the "triangle" offer affordable housing? which areas have a good school system? family life?
    thank you so much!!!


    anyone is welcome to jump in and answer my questions!!!
  2. by   jlcole45
    About a year ago we moved from Charlotte and now are in Asheville at Mission Hospitals.

    Neither my husband or I would ever go back to Charlotte. CMC has its issues, though the pay is a bit better, but they are doing that patient marketing thing.
    "hi my name is Susie, and I'm going to give you excellent care" you were coached to say this! Patient nurse ratios are higher as well. Besides the fact, that Charlotte is a large city with all negatives that go along with that - crime, traffic, and plenty of bad attitudes.

    Mission Hospital in Asheville not only is located in one of the most beautiful areas in the country - it is a pretty great place to work. They have consistently been ranked as one of the top hospitals to receive care and to work at. It's one of the top travel nurse locations in the state.

    So if you like the mountains, and are looking for a hip, alternative small city then Asheville and Mission Hospitals the place. Housing is about the same cost, and salaries are a bit lower. But I'll take lower nurse patient ratios and a safe, cleaner city any day of the week over a few more dollars an hour. We have a house that has views of the mountains - it just lowers your blood pressure to look at it! Good luck in your search.

    One piece of advice - if i'ts possible do a few travel nurse assignment around the state and see what you think.
  3. by   kimmersRN
    Regional is owned by Duke but still has the community hospital feel. From a labor/delivery/peds standpoint, all the risky cases or unusual cases are sent to Duke. People that work there seem to stay there and I know of some nurses at Duke who are interested in going to Regional. I hate to say this. But, I've worked at Duke for 2 years and it sucks. To be such a well-known hospital,it sucks nursing wise. Awesome for learning but as far as equipment or access to things you need on your unit, they suck. Not too long ago, we had a code and the call system didn't work, there was no manual pressure cuff (the automatic one wasn't registering b/c the pt's BP was so high) and things went wrong that shouldn't have. Now, I know that happpends everywhere. But it shouldn't. Pts have trouble getting trays if they haven't been on the unit the majority of the shift and there is never extra, meds are always late from pharmacy, housekeeping sleeps on the unit. Countless times I've pulled stirrups up for a pt to use when pushing in labor and found blood still there from the previous pt!!!!! It's ridiculous. And, sadly ...all those things come back on NURSING somehow. But, as for experience, the experience I have gotten there has been priceless.
    As for Wake med, I went for my interview and couldn't believe the floors shine, the lobby is beautiful, the elevators are new, the hallways are clear of STUFF, the monitors on the unit are new, the computers are new. It's nice. Asfar as working there, I don't know yet. So, I can't say anything other than the impression that I got. We all know that when we work somewhere for a long period of time we notice all the wrong things. So, I'm not knocking Duke. If something was wrong with me or my son, that's where I'd want to be. But working there is a different story. Since Duke is med-school affiliated, they are all about physicians. Most other hospitals in the triangle are nurse-oriented. But, I always have been proud to say that I'm a "duke" nurse. People seem to care and right out of nursing school, that's what I wanted. But, it's important to work somewhere that cares about it's employees. It seems that Wake med does. And, everyone that I've talked to says nothing but nice things about the place.
    As far as affordable living, I'm not sure if you're talking about buying a house, renting, townhome. But, I own a townhome in Raleigh and I didn't have a problem getting it. As for the school system, Raleigh has one of the best in the state |(wake county) Durham county on the other hand, has a bad rep. for education. Crime is also pretty bad in Durham as far as gang activity goes. Personally, I've never had a problem.
    I hope this helps. It wasn't my intent to bash Duke, if that's what I did.And, the 2 units that I have worked on are probably not a good representation of the entire hospital. There are people who have found their niche at the place and love it I'm sure. It all depends on what you want. And, the management at Regional is different. However, if you're looking to work in a fast-paced, always learning, access to education classes and good pay, I don't think working for Regional is the best.
    Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this has been helpful.
  4. by   jlcole45
    Quote from kimmersRN
    We'd love to have you in RALEIGH! AWESOME schools, competitive hospitals, city-life. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Let me know if you have any ?s about the area!
    Raleigh is a great city and they have the best food!!! Every time I've eaten out there no matter what type of food, it's been the best! Does "Big Ed's" still exist in downtown?
  5. by   MIM_RN

    thank you so much for your input. i have an interview at durham regional with their gems program. i am interested in the critical care area and really want to work somewhere that has a nurse residency program so that i will begin my nursing career with caring preceptors and educators. i have applied to wakemed, but have not heard back from them, yet.

    because i do not live in the state, i do not know what areas are good for family life. i would be willing to live anywhere in the triangle, even if i have to commute, as long as it's safe and family friendly. i am not interested in buying, at this point, thinking more about renting. (either home or townhouse)

    i am excited about durham because i think i would really benefit from a small hospital system until i get more comfortable with nursing. (i still feel i know absolutely nothing and will be graduating in may...kind of scary!!!)

    it seems that many nurses are not very thrilled with duke, from what i have been reading. that's disappointing because it seems like they would be such a great environment for a novice nurse to thrive in.

  6. by   labrador4122
    how about salary?

    I live in miami, and I am new nurse, and after a year I would like to relocate my family to NC because it just looks beautiful there.

    Housing here is so expensive, a 1/1 small condo costs $281 brand new, and the old ones from the 70's cost $180 1/1 condo.... and lets not talk about the houses. I live in a townhouse with my husband and he bought it 2 years ago brand new for $281K wich is a bargain, because now they are selling them for $335K and they are small living quarters.

    but anyways, I heard that in NC you get to see all the seasons (something I've never experienced), housing is affordable, there is tons of culture............

    I am gonna be doing night shift and will get paid 26.53/hr from 7-11 then from 11:30pm to 8am will get paid 28.53/hr. I start next week and I am dreading the night shift.

    I would love to buy my own place, but here it is way way too expensive for my salary.
  7. by   debthern
    I live in Charlotte and love it for Levine Children's Hospital
  8. by   Diary/Dairy
    My sister lives in Greensboro and loves it - I stayed with her for a while this summer and am headed back out there for a travel assignment - It's a nice area.
  9. by   AmericanRN
    Quote from diarygirl512
    My sister lives in Greensboro and loves it - I stayed with her for a while this summer and am headed back out there for a travel assignment - It's a nice area.

    I lived in Greensboro for over 10 years. My family still lives in Greensboro. Overall it 's a wonderful city. There are some hot pockets to avoid. If you are unsure of an area to live in contact the Guilford County Sheriff's office and they will tell you flat out where you should or should not live. Greensboro PD is not as friendly I will say that outright and their department is turmoil after a large scandal.

    They will be honest and give you a list of crime stats per zip code so you can stay in a nice area during your travel assignment if you aren't planning to stay your sister's home.

    I'm moving back there when I'm done with school in Florida.
  10. by   kristenncrn
    Hi all -

    I just want to second Kimmer's thoughts on WakeMed. It's a GREAT hospital (Raleigh campus) to work for - both my husband and I have been there for a few years and have no plans on leaving. If ICU is your thing, then the Raleigh campus is where you should look. It's a teaching hospital, but small enough that it doesn't have the same feel as UNC-CH. It's now a Level 1 trauma center, it has an excellent growing heart center, a pretty, shiny helicopter ha! and it's working towards magnet. We love Wake County too and our schools.

    And Wake North, Cary and now the Apex Healthplex (which opens tomorrow) are all so gorgeous and swanky. They are all satellites of WakeMed Raleigh

    I have a good opinion to UNC as well, though. Those are the only two hospitals I can think of right now to say good things about! Oh and Rex for OB *if* you aren't going to deliver at WakeMed.

    Living in NC has been a real culture shock for me - and I've lived all over the country and never had culture shock before. But the Triangle area is filled with interesting people and activities. I highly recommend looking into this area.

    Best all!

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