RN to MSN @ UNC-CH, any reviews?

  1. Hello allnurses,
    Hope everyone is having an awesome summer. I am currently researching some RN to MSN programs (here in NC). I was wondering if anyone has done the RN to MSN program @ UNC-Chapel Hill, and what the experience was like.....
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  3. by   LikeSweetSoulMusic
    I am interested in it as well, so I will be interested in any replies!
  4. by   Fribblet
    You might have better luck by posting this in the NC forums or in the APRN forums.
  5. by   PolandM
    Only input I have is that I have sent in my transcript evaluations November last year. No response. I have emailed, no response. I have called, left messages, no response. I do live in VA and am not hard pressed enough to drive down there though. I've finally given up and am currently looking into other schools. I hope your luck with them is better.
  6. by   onesunniegal
    Post moved to NC forum.
  7. by   RevolutioN2013
    My best friend is an NP and came through this program. We both graduated ASU with BS degrees in Communications. After a long and winding road that took her career in many directions she decided to go into healthcare. She got her diploma at Mercy in Charlotte and then entered the UNC-Ch RN to MSN program and came out as an FNP. I hope to follow in her footsteps and will by applying to Mercy in December.
  8. by   CarolinaGirl1112
    That is fantastic for your friend! How long does the RN-MSN program take?
  9. by   RevolutioN2013