Rn coming 2 NC

  1. I need to know about Cape fear/new hanover i am moving fr MD I know pay rates r lower I am leaving almost 30/hr but want a change .Big ? does anyone also know of travel agency that place nurses to the above hosp. Also I was wondering about LTC or psy in the wilmington area where i will be staying just in case the hosp don't work. and I am coming with my 8 yrold hoping to find him a nice school to send him to ,do they go by you zone or what. The pay there dosent allow me to send him 2 private school please help anyone who could offer any insight tks
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  3. by   gitterbug
    From talking with 2 nurses who went to the area and returned, neither of these places are very highly recommended. Good luck but maybe a new search is needed. Personally, I think a lot of facilities in the state have a good hook but the line is weak once the body starts twisting a little. Some of the facilities are still too top heavy with little to no understanding of how to treat nurses.
  4. by   fgoff
    Sorry, I don't know the area... But I did want to welcome you to NC!!!!
  5. by   3m_rnbsn
    I work in Capefear Rehab center, not in the main hospital though. However, I have 2 nurse friends from here who are planning to transfer to the main hospital. They said currently, the hospital is offering high pay & nice benefits. Currently, they're offering outside hirees $10,000 sign-on bonus in ER depending on experience. You can browse their website & check.

    Hope this helps...good luck
  6. by   am17sg05
    i have worked for a short time in cape fear for part time position and i didn't like it because i felt like my license as an rn is not safe.you would work mostly with lpn's so even if you are just newly hired rn,you assume charge nurse position.of course,the pay is lower than 30s unless you would count any of their other incentives like sign on bonus.there is a psych department(separate from the main building) under cape fear if you really wanna try it there.i know there are a few more psych units/centers in fayetteville and lumberton area.for ltc,there is a lot to choose from.i have heard about trinity.they offer better pay with good benefits.go to trinity hsg.com for more info.and school goes by zone.goodluck!
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    Jacksonville (45 minutes north of Wilmington) is much less expensive to live and my nine-year-old son goes to private school at Living Water Christian School for about $200.00 a month. The pay's not as good as Wilmington but I know of several travel companies that contract in this area. Please contact me if you'd like the info on travel companies; as I don't think I'm allowed to post it on the forums. Good Luck!
  8. by   Cherish
    Jacksonville is not a great area to live. I use to live in Maryland (moved from there in 05 cause of the military). Its really country and very military (Marine and Navy). Trust me as a Marylander you would NOT like it. You would like Wilmington, Raleigh, or Charlotte though.
  9. by   4rmgirlRN
    Hello everyone!

    Well I was a traveling Nurse and worked the ER @ NHRMC! I loved it their the Dr.'s are great to work with and the staff treated me like if I was one of them! I even signed on full time after my assignment then had a personal tragedy in my life and moved mback to missouri!

    The ER is Very very very Busy so if you want to learn alot and get some great experience this the the ER to be at! Every ER needs yung blood and Nurses who are willing to work!

    And the town is just beautiful! And the town is growing leaps and bounds!

    Good Luck!
  10. by   WaynesvilleRN
    How funny..at first I thought you said HRMC as in the hospital in the Mtns of Western NC where I live.....Hope you find a great place to inherit....See ya!