Raleigh Jobs for RN with Experience

  1. My husband and I are looking to make a move to the Raleigh area. I have seen a lot of posts regarding how hard it is to find new graduate jobs, but not a lot about experienced nurses finding jobs. By the time we are looking to move, I would have over a year of experience on a telemetry unit. I also work the night shift, which is something I would still be willing to do when we move. What are my chances of getting a job?

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  3. by   NC Girl BSN
    Well I work at Wakemed in Raleigh and the competition is super competative. Last year in orientation, the HR person said the the hospital recieves 2000-3000 applications a WEEK! I could not believe it. So if I were you I would just apply and see if you can get an interview. You may get lucky.
  4. by   elkpark
    I would recommend that you find a job before you move here. NC did not have a nursing shortage before the economy tanked, and, since then, the same factors that have affected other areas have affected NC (nurses returning to the workforce, hospitals and other healthcare employers "tightening their belts" and decreasing hiring, waves of new grads twice a year).