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  1. Hello, we are thinking of possibly relocating either to Asheville area, or Chapel Hill/Durham/Raleigh area. I am interested in working either at UNC or Duke. Can anyone tell me about the pay rates and shift differentials at either place for RN's(sorry about the typo in the heading)? I have heard that UNC has better pay and shift differentials. Also do either offer any kind of tuition reimbursement for schooling, as I plan on pursuing my Masters degree. Any other tips on the area would be great!
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    I don't know about experienced nurses, but at UNC new grads start at $20.50 an hour with the following shift difs:
    $3.75/hr extra for weekday evenings/night
    $10/hr extra for weekend days
    $13.75/hr extra for weekend evenings/nights

    My understanding is that Duke offers about the same with similar benefits. UNC does offer tuition reimbursement. I've also heard that Duke's pay is worse and pay at Rex is better, but as friends have gotten jobs it seems that they're all about the same at least for new grads. Rex pays new grads 50 cents more an hour, but then they charge A LOT for health insurance, I was so surprised! UNC's benefits are through the state plan, which I had before and the benefits are pretty awesome compared to a lot of other places.
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    I have been in nursing for 15 years so can't speak to new grad salary, but in general, UNC and Rex pay better than Duke. Duke is a doctor driven facility if you know what I mean. Rex is AWESOME! It is small enough that you get to know everyone very well (from president to housekeepers). I work in the float pool and pay for my own insurance so not sure about cost other than to say I pay privately about the same as employees pay with very slight differences in deductibles. I worked at UNC as a travel nurse for 3 years and enjoyed it. Being a large teaching hospital, it is a whole different culture, but you will learn A LOT! Duke is Duke, it is world renowned and great in some respects, but the treatment of nurses doesn't seem to be one of them (please dukies no hate mail). They just started computerized charting etc. Again, I have no personal experience with Duke, it is just the 'word on the street' so to speak from some who work there. Like anything, you have to form your own opinion and do what is best for you.

    Ashville is GORGEOUS! I think the pay is a bit less, but cost of living is about the same as Raleigh. I live in downtown Raleigh and it is a great place to live! Very young, hip, with a lot going on. Great music, art, restaurants. Email or PM for any other questions. Happy to help! NC is a beautiful place to live! Good Luck in the job search!!
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    Hi Bonesrn,
    I am looking to relocate to Raleigh area and love it there !
    What are your thoughts on Wakemed?
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    I just moved from Western NC (about an hr from Asheville and smaller hosp. I worked at is now afiliated with an Asheville Hospital-Mission) to Durham earlier this year and took a position at Duke and now have a job offer at UNC, but I also have many years of nursing experience so not sure about starting pay for new grads.
    Pay is definitely better at UNC and so are benefits and from what I have seen so far, the atmosphere feels better at UNC.
    Duke is great too...both are large teaching hospitals with much to learn and ample opportunities....not Duke bashing here, .

    The cost and style of living between the Western NC mountain areas and the Durham area are not completely comparable depending on what lifestyle you choose.

    If you are looking to buy a home, it is obviously a better time now than anytime before anywhere; however, homes in the mountains near Asheville are still relatively expensive and there are not as many apartments available as there are in the Raleigh-Durham area.

    Raleigh-Durham is nice because you have the city feel, but are close to the beach (1 1/2 - 2 hrs drive), and I get to Asheville where alot of my family live in about 3 1/2 hours. If you are returning to school to finish your education, the Research Triangle is the place to be

    My sons still live near Asheville, and I pay as much for an apartment with amenities as they do for mobile homes that are not as nice and with no amenities, so if you want quality country, mountain living and a hip town but fewer apartment opportunities, Asheville is awesome. That said, sold my house on an owner finance option for less than I paid 5 years ago....

    The pay is actually comparable to Durham if you look around some...especially in the more rural areas...smaller towns nearer to Asheville. The bigger issue right now; having been a manager at a smaller hospital in that area, is that there are more people applying for positions and the job market is more competitive than Raleigh-Durham where you have more and larger hospitals, especially for new grads, and especially if you do not hold a BSN as Mission in Asheville now requires a BSN for most of their nursing positions, or at least a plan of getting one.

    Feel free to mail me privately for more info.

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