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  1. I have a friend who is currently living in Las Vegas but is thinking about moving to North Carolina sometime next year. They were wondering about a few things so I thought I'd post some of those questions here:

    - The average salary for LPNs in North Carolina. Good/Bad? Liveable/Non-Liveable wage?

    - Are LPNs used in North Carolina emergency rooms?

    - Do LPNs get sign-on bonuses at North Carolina hospitals?

    Thanks for any comments/information.
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  3. by   fmoore7
    In reply to your questions, the average salary for new lpns with no experience is 18.00, I was told that lpns are used in the er but only with experience, trying to get into one is another thing(here in durham),I can't really answer about sign on bonuses in hospitals but in facilities,yes. I hope this helps a little bit if not sorry for the lack of info.
  4. by   AshleeCMA
    Quote from fmoore7
    In reply to your questions, the average salary for new lpns with no experience is 18.00
    18.00 per hour? I chose not to go to LPN school but instead save my money for RN school due to the low pay here in Wilmington. Beginning average wage is 11-12.00 per hour, that's why location is very important when relocating...if I weren't settled in Wilmington, I'd move to a larger city.
  5. by   paulinainnc
    I completely agree that location is important. You should look at pay ranges and at housing costs. Here in the NC mountains, LPNs don't make $18/hr and the housing costs are significant. (I'm not an LPN - but work at a hospital that shares pay ranges.) I've thought about moving to another area where housing cost are low so that I can afford to get my RN.

    This website might help if you are considering moving to :
    "Wonder how far your salary will go in another city? See how it measures up, based on cost of living factors."

    HomeFair.com: "Error"

    Hope that helps!
  6. by   joules360
    average in eastern NC is 11-13 depending on experience. but the cost of living is much better here as well.
  7. by   RobLPN
    I make 19.50 but after shifts diffs it's about 27/hr
  8. by   tldawson74
    Is it worth going to be a LPN rather than RN?
  9. by   RobLPN
    Quote from tldawson74
    Is it worth going to be a LPN rather than RN?
    I would say being a RN would be preferred.
  10. by   RN Zeke
    You may do the LPN to RN. You would have valuable experience from practicing as an LPN. Remember when.....schools had an exit point for LPN's, then 2 or 3 more semesters one could attain their RN, while working as an LPN. That was the good old days.
  11. by   dgrass
    I am have recently moved to NC myself and have found that the pay is okay. I am an RN who has 6 years ER experience, I am CEN,TNCC,ENPC certified and I my starting hourly wage before night and weekend pAY IS 23.75 AN HOUR. I find it hard to believe that that LPN's straight of school are making 18.00/hr. I would be carefull and you might want to look at working for an agency they seem to pay better.
  12. by   DanisTeeta
    what part of NC are u?
  13. by   xonforefunx
    I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if I do it wrong. I am a CNA 1 in Charlotte, NC and was wondering if I go on to LPN what I had to do to go about it. Thank you so much
  14. by   NC Girl BSN
    I live in Clayton and Make $20 per hour at a nursing home. Hospitals don't pay well for LPNs but nursing homes and agencies pay well.