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Hi I applied to Cape Fear's Program for August 2012 term. I know that the application deadline just recently ended, however, I was just wondering if anyone had heard any news through the grapevine... Read More

  1. by   wtc-wilmington
    Looking back at the posts from last year, it was the second week of March that the reviews were and the final letters were mailed out on the 25th
  2. by   kbk1985
    I heard that point count letters were going out this week. Lord give me strength!
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  3. by   jaimeandjules
    I received my pre-assessment letter for point count today. Point count reviews are from this Friday until next Wednesday anytime between 0900 and 1745. Good luck future nurse hopefuls! I hope everyone gets a seat!
  4. by   wtc-wilmington
    Just got mine too, at least that means we're in the running. Good luck to all!!
  5. by   wtc-wilmington
    Getting more anxious every day. I need a sedative to calm my nerves.
  6. by   kbk1985
    Same here I am going nuts! I hate this whole waiting part. When do you think they will mail out the acceptance letters if the last day of point count is the 21st?
  7. by   wtc-wilmington
    My guess is that we should see them by the 24th
  8. by   jaimeandjules
    Did anyone go in for point count reviews today? I am going in Monday. They won't give you a hint either way. I remember last year I asked the woman if she thought I would get in and she just said, "You have a shot". Talk about frustrating! At least they don't wait long to mail out the letters after reviews.
  9. by   jaimeandjules
    HAHA silly me! I just now looked at the letter again and realized the point count reviews were for NEXT week! LOL you can tell I am a bit out of it! Hopefully for Spring break I will catch up on some sleep (well the days i don't have to work anyways!) What day are you guys going in? The first day is definitely the busiest (from my experience last year).
  10. by   kbk1985
    Im going to go in the first day either super early or towards the end. I just want to get it over with. Also I am going to shed some tears or something hopefully getting some info out of her ahha. Im desperate.
  11. by   jaimeandjules
    I plan to go in on Tuesday since I will be there anyway for class. Good luck to all!
  12. by   wtc-wilmington
    I'll be going on Monday before my CNA class, hoping they find some points that I didn't!
  13. by   kbk1985
    haha wouldnt that be wonderful, im right there with you

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