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Did anyone else apply to Gaston College for fall 2011? I spoke with admissions and was told that they had over 250 applicants for 80 spots. Also, I was originally told that letters were going out at... Read More

  1. by   gypseasoul
    I've been following along for about a week to see if anyone had any info. about acceptance letters. Just checked my PO Box about an hour ago and found my envelope! Congrats to everyone else that has gotten theirs so far!!!
  2. by   kaylen26
    Quote from Lelumina21
    Congrats Kaylen!!!! If you dont mind me asking, what was your score??? Im trying to figure out if I am in the running but so far it seems they tell everyone that they have a "Competitive Score". Since you are the first of us to hear, was wondering if you could give us an idea of where to set the bar.

    Thanks so much!!!
    And great job!

    Thanks Lelumina! My gpa was 3.8 and my act was 21 and when she did points I had 11.
  3. by   Lelumina21
    Sweet, thats what I had was 11 pts. I am still waiting on my very....very...slow mailman to get here. Still hoping. And Congrats Gyp! If you both are taking morning classes I hope to see you there.

  4. by   Onmyway323
    I got my package today... I'm so happy, I know the journey just started but I'm willing to try it. I wish the best for all. Thanks!
  5. by   Onmyway323
    My mailman is so slow and check this out, I think someone had opened my mail .
  6. by   kaylen26
  7. by   Lelumina21
    Yeah I got mine too!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to us all. We are going to do great!

    Love to all our future nurses!!!

  8. by   kaylen26
    Congrats Lelumina21!!
  9. by   VioletKaliLPN
    Be prepared for the most intense year of your life!

    Prepare your family, friends, etc, because it does get intense.
  10. by   kaylen26
    Ncnursetobe have you heard anything yet?
  11. by   Onmyway323
    Kaylen26 what schedule did you select? I changed my mind, I'm selected the morning classes.
  12. by   ncRNBSN715
    No Kaylen26....nothing yet :/ I at least hope to get my wailist letter soon. I'm still hanging in there Thanks for checking!
  13. by   Onmyway323
    You still can get in, I'm sure there will be slots available after May 13, that's the deadline for returning in the forms and I heard alot of the students got other offers, so you will get in. Stay positive, as you are and things will work out.