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Did anyone else apply to Gaston College for fall 2011? I spoke with admissions and was told that they had over 250 applicants for 80 spots. Also, I was originally told that letters were going out at... Read More

  1. by   ncRNBSN715
    Quote from kaylen26
    Thanks for the heads up! My number one cheerleader is my husband and no matter what schedule I may get (Day or Evening), he's willing to work around which is great If I get in the program that is, I am well prepared to put in work and study be beyond my best. If I don't get in I'm prepared to keep working and finish up some more pre reqs and apply to the some more programs.
    I'm right there with you Kaylen26! At our house, we mapped out plan A, B, C & D lol! We have been here and there and he knows how important this is not only to me but to our family (we have a 5 year old). I have been through ALOT but nothing compared to how hard nursing school will be. I should have done this a long time ago but I doubted myself. The majority of my friends are RNs and 2 are NPs. I have been a cna, medication technician, phlebotomist, OB tech, CMA, and even left surg tech school to go into nursing. I have 2 associate degrees (medical assisting and general education -thank goodness from the local community college) and almost everything transferred. I have an overall 3.62 but after this semester should be much higher (making straight As currently). I am fully ready to put in 200% into this. I have checked webadvisor and even looked at the schedule and clinical times from fall 2010 to now. I hope this is my time to be accepted, if not I will try again until it is. I hope the best for everyone applying because if it is meant to be it is meant to be. Things do happen for a reason.
  2. by   VioletKaliLPN
    i am currently in the program, and i will advise that web adviser is not accurate with everything.

    wait to make any plans or adjustments until you go to orientation day, everything is explained there.
  3. by   ncRNBSN715
    I understand that Webadvisor is not accurate and none of my plans are set into stone. This was just to get a GENERAL idea and I had already discussed this with BD. I was just only basing this off my previous experiences and I understand that clinical times will vary and that you are assigned clinical times, you don't necessarily choose them. I have experienced this with my clinicals in the OR as well is many other clinical setting from my previous education. I just figured that it would not hurt to have some sort of idea of what was to come but thank you for the advice. Preparation, investigation, and anticipation can always help!
  4. by   VioletKaliLPN
    where was your or experience at? did you go through a surgical technology program?

    i remember being there too, the anticipation.

    are you from this area, or are you coming from out of town?

  5. by   ncRNBSN715
    Omg! I loved the aspects of surgery and the procedures, which I was already used to. I loved the school and my peers but VERY quickly realized I that the scrub role alone was not for me. I already worked for surgeons for years and liked that I had the ability to assist with procedures but then actually get to know the patients, give injections, draw blood, get fetal heart tones, etc. I commend ALL surg techs for all they do. I left surg tech school to finish nursing prereqs in time to apply for 3 nursing schools. I loved being a Certified Medical Assistant but I want to KNOW why a patient needs this or that and I want to KNOW how things-such as meds- work with the body system. I've grown tired of being "mechanical." I want to be an educated nurse. I see all of my experiences as blessings and I know they will give me a great understanding of people in other medical positions. By the way I left surg tech school with a 4.0 which I was very proud of even though I left.
  6. by   ncRNBSN715
    Oh yeah and I was $0.85 away from being capped with my pay in my CMA position. I'm only29! Smh lol

    Violet I will pm you in a bit....
  7. by   VioletKaliLPN
    i can 1000% relate! wanting to know the 'why' and 'how'. as a child i always asked '"why?".

    that is a great thing about nursing, the sky is the limit. there are numerous opportunities, educational paths like rn, bsn, np, etc, which can allow you to grow as a professional. it can also allow your income to grow as well.

    it's such an amazing journey, you will not regret it.
  8. by   babydoll3375
    I applied for both RN and PN programs. I just found out that I got into the RN program! Yay me!! So I can assure some of you on here that the numbers for the PN program will drop as people like me who applied for both take the RN spots. Good luck everyone!
  9. by   ncRNBSN715
    Hey thanks BabyDoll for the heads up and congrats on getting in the RN program!!!
  10. by   Lelumina21
    Im so glad the RN's are getting their letters for acceptance....but can we LPN's get a little love????

    Good luck to everyone
  11. by   kaylen26
    That's all I ask is for some love!! Maybe we will find out next week.
  12. by   Onmyway323
    I spoke to someone in the LPN program today and was informed Acceptance letters will go out Wednesday. Good luck everyone!
  13. by   Lelumina21
    Bless your Heart!!!! Now maybe we can all stop stalking the mailmen and breath. Great work! Good luck everyone and I registered for day classes so if I get in, I look forward to meeting you all.